Integration of IT in Self Storage Business

Technology has slowly crept into every aspect of our lives and completely transformed the manner in which we communicate and operate business.Technological advancement has bought certain significant transformations in the self storage industry. The rapidly advancing technology has made it possible for self-storage managers to select most appropriate devices that will improve their business.

How Technology Helps Self Storage Business Grow?

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Most self storage operators are turning towards use of new technology for better business. Massive funds are shelled out each year by self storage businesses due to the purchase of technological devices. Technology helps self storage managers meet the ever-growing demands of customers and capitalize on profits. Let us have a look at various technologies being used by self storage business.

Cloud Computing

Cloud basically refers to a place where you instantly receive Information Technology (IT) resources comprising of databases, networks, storage, computer hardware and operating systems. The word ‘cloud’ has been derived from a pictogram often used signify flowcharts and diagrams on Internet.

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Since all data in cloud computing is stored in a safe offsite location, it becomes
relatively easier to protect data. Global accessibility of data is another benefit cloud computing offers to the self storage industry. Here are other benefits of cloud computing.

• Self storage operators can save a lot of time and money by effectively utilizing
cloud-based document-management service. Buying papers for maintaining
documents is a sheer waste of money, besides maintaining documents manually is a time-consuming process. Cloud-based document-management service simplifies the process of maintaining documents effectively.

• The cloud-based document-management system also helps self storage operators handle lease agreements easily.

• Cloud computing does not require installing, uninstalling and updating software. This proves beneficial as the need for Information Technology (IT) staff is greatly reduced.

Live Video Chats

The success of every business organization depends on how well they interact with customers and satisfy their needs. Live video is one such technological tool, which is fast emerging to be most effective in helping self storage business emerge successful. Live video is similar to interacting face-to face with customers.Most self storage operators utilize live videos as it offers them an opportunity to supplement staff at their unit. This saves money, as it does not require the services of a real person at the self storage unit.

Self Storage Access Control Systems

The access control system is used to protect your belongings and is being commonly used in several unmanned self storage facilities. This device allows entry to a particular building and ensures that only right people enter the unit. Self storage owners rely on access control systems and keypads at their entrance in order to closely monitor people coming to the facility.

Besides this, self storage units also utilize surveillance cameras and automated lock systems to keep your valuables safe and secure. The camera technology used by self storage units allows access from a PC, iPad or smartphone. This helps monitor goods efficiently and offers more flexibility to the self storage owner.Such amazing technologies like these when utilized properly can have a positive impact on self storage business.

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