5 Important Factors To Increase The Usability Of A Website

Usability sells like a commodity and to improve user experience you have to pay attention to your website design.  A great website design incorporates a great user experience and usability related to how easy it is to visit and navigate the site and to search the information you are looking for. 

Just a decade ago, a website with flash animation and videos was considered to be a great website, but when people found it difficult to download and access such websites; especially where Internet speed was not so fast, annoyance with such designs began.

There are 5 factors which you need to pay attention to, in order to improve the usability of a website.

1. Availability (server uptime) and Accessibility

If a visitor tries to visit your site and it’s not available, it’s worthless.  A downtime is a hosting issue, but it has also to do with the website design.  Apart from finding a reputed website hosting, you also need to fix the broken links.  If someone happens to see a 404 page, instead of your homepage or any other page in your site, he won’t think twice to window cross your site to go back to Google search.

website usability

The site should also be easy to download even on the slower Internet connections.  For example, despite heavily loaded content, Amazon.com is a very usable website.  The website should also have a mobile and tablet version, so that you don’t skip anything even on smaller screens.  Clutter, banners and other unnecessary content should be removed from the mobile version.

2. Clarity

Distraction, confusion and disorganized content are huge mistakes a Web Designing Denver expert can make.  If the content on the webpage does not relate to the searched content, the visitor would be frustrated and will never come back to your site.  The content should be clear and should serve the purpose it’s meant for.  You should have proper information architecture for that.

3. Good learning experience

An intuitive website goes a long way in offering a good learning experience. Remember to help your customers get what they want, quickly and easily and you’ll never be disappointed.  Visual instructions are highly helpful and easy to understand.  Use them.  Make your site easy to navigate and pay attention to website design of Mashable and MSN.  It would help you.

4. Credibility

Credibility is one of the most crucial aspects of a website.  The website design should be such that it invokes trust and reliability. The “About Us” page should provide you complete information about the company. You should also include a map and the list of your clients, third party testimonials and your social fan following to add to the element of trust.

5. Relevancy

Relevancy is the next most important element of a website’s usability.  The content of your website should be targeted and serve the purpose it’s intended for.  You should know why the user is there on your website.  You should also complement your efforts with integration of your site to your social media pages, so that you may present more targeted content.  Overall the website designing in Denver should be aimed to make your site more user-friendly.

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