Improve Your Wireless Network

Improve Your Wireless Network (Without Calling a Tech).A weak WiFi signal almost always means that your Internet connection won’t be running at optimal speed. What’s more, it could mean that your signal drops out entirely, leaving you without online access entirely for periods of time. Luckily, there are ways to boost the signal of your wireless network – without having to call in the repair man.

Re-position the Router and Modem

If your wireless router is set up next to an outside wall, then the signal is very likely to be poor on the other side of your home. Instead, place your equipment in a central location of the house, if possible. And if the router is downstairs and you have a PC or laptop that you use higher up in the house then you’ll want to place the router as high up as possible. Keep in mind that metal objects (like filing cabinets and appliances) will interfere with your wireless signal. Avoid keeping these kinds of things near your router or they will weaken your connection.

Consider a High-Gain Antenna

Your router comes equipped with a standard antenna, designed to work omni directionally. This means it broadcasts in a circle around the router, delivering signal equally in all directions.

If you’re unable to move your router away from an outside wall, or if you only need wireless service on one side of your home, you might want to consider swapping out this standard antenna for a high-gain one. High-gain antennas can be positioned to broadcast in any configuration you want. This means that half your wireless signal won’t be wasted by being sent outside your house, or to an area where there are no computers.

Add a Repeater

Wireless repeaters are designed to extend your existing wireless networks signal output, without the expense and hassle of adding wiring. By positioning the repeater equidistant between your PC or laptop and the router you’ll get an instant WiFi signal boost.

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Update Your Firmware

Many people make the mistake of installing their routers and then forgetting about them completely. Most router manufacturers make routine improvements to their routers’ firmware in order to increase speed and performance. Make regular visits to your router manufacturers website in order to stay on top of these updates.

Be Brand Loyal

Although most routers and adapters are designed to be used with any brand, you will often see optimal performance from your equipment if you stick with the same name throughout. In fact, some vendors actually reward loyalty by offering a performance boost when you stick with all of their hardware, including things like wireless adapters and modems.

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