How to Transfer Photos from iPhone (8) to PC when iTunes Strike in Windows?

The iPhone 8 users have to worry about their important data even if they are backing it up with iCloud. Moreover, they have to face a lot of trouble in transferring the photos from iPhone to PC. Though iCloud is a backup software iPhone provide to its users, you need to be connected to a wireless network for the backup to take place. Also, if you delete a photo from your phone, it will be deleted from iCloud as well. iCloud just provides 5GB free storage to the users and ultimately you have to pay for it for storing more data on iCloud. It is better to transfer photo from iPhone to PC using efficient software.

Finding a reliable tool is always a challenging task. You need to be just perfect while choosing it to transfer photos from iPhone to PC. If you trust us then we have bought really efficient software for you – WinX MediaTrans. It is powerful software that can be relied upon for moving the iPhone photos to PC and that too in a hassle free manner. This tool can act as the powerful alternative for both iCloud and iTunes. Let’s learn more about it.

Introduction to WinX MediaTrans

winx mediatrans iphone8

It is not at all difficult to copy iPhone photo on PC, but you need to have a good tool for the same. WinX MediaTrans is an efficient tool to move iPhone photo to your PC. It can help to transfer photos from any iOS device to your Windows PC at blazing fast speed. Not only photos, you can even transfer the e-books, music, videos, and other important media on your computer from your iOS device.

Why you should use WinX MediaTrans as a Photo Transfer manager for iPhone 8?

WinX MediaTrans is a powerful suite for transferring the photos from your iPhone to the Windows computer in a flash. There are several reasons to use this photo manager for transferring the photos from iPhone 8 to your Windows PC/Laptop.

  1. You can transfer lots of photos from iPhone to Windows 7/8/10 PC/Laptop and vice versa at blazing fast speed.
  2. You can even transfer the 4K videos, eBooks, ringtones, music and other media between your iPhone and PC.
  3. You can easily auto convert or rotate the video/audio for better playing on the iPhone.
  4. You will not experience any data loss or stuttering in this transfer.

Steps to transfer Photos from iPhone to PC/Laptop using WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans makes the photo transfer process really easy. You can easily move iPhone photo to your PC and vice versa using this awesome software. Let’s check out the process:

  1. You need to download WinX MediaTrans for Windows 7/8/10 computer and install it on your device by simply checking the ‘End User License Agreement’.
  2. After the installation is completed connect your iPhone 8 to PC using the genuine Apple iPhone USB cable. Go through the pop up that guides you to adjust the iTunes setting to save your data from getting erased automatically.
  3. Click on ‘Photo Transfer’ option on MediaTrans interface. You will see all the photos grouped by date. Choose the photos you want to move to PC and then click on ‘Export’ option. The photos will be transferred at blazing fast speed.
The Last Words

WinX MediaTrans is a handy tool that is just magical for the iPhone users. The users can easily copy iPhone photos to Windows computer and vice versa using this tool. The WinX MediaTrans license key must be entered in the tool to access all its premium features. Try it now!

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