How to Set Up Voicemail in Windows Phone 7

For a deeper set of phone and voicemail related settings, head over to All Programs, Settings, Applications, and then Phone. You’ll see a screen similar to that in Figure 13-24. From this interface, you can view and often configure a wide range of options.These include:

Phone number: Because your phone number is determined by your wireless carrier, you can’t of course change this yourself. That said, if you are on a GSM-type wireless network such as those used by AT&T, you can implicitly change your phone’s phone number (and other capabilities) by swapping out the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card. CDMA-type networks, such as the ones provided by Verizon Wireless, do not use SIM cards and instead program phone information directly into the device.

Voicemail number: This number is configured by your wireless carrier. But you may need to change it at some time, perhaps because you are using a third-party voicemail service such as the one provided by Google Voice. This field can be edited, unlike the phone number field.

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Caller ID: Caller ID is a phone service that identifies callers, either with a number, a name, or both. You can use this fi eld to determine how you show up when you call others. The possible choices are to show your caller ID (name and number) to everyone you call (the default), to no one, or to just your contacts. Note that some people block calls that do not provide caller ID information, however. So if you choose No One, you may find that some of your calls do not complete.

Call forwarding: This is another phone service that lets you automatically forward all calls to your number to another number of your choice. This option is set to Off by default; if you change it to On, you will be prompted to enter a new phone number. That number can be literally any phone number, valid or not, yours or not.

International assist: This feature, enabled by default, corrects some common dialing mistakes, especially for international calls. For example, if this feature is enabled, you can dial a phone number in the United States without affixing a 1 to the front of the number. And if you’re out of the country, or dialing another country from the United States, this feature will automatically add some dropped country codes and other commonly forgotten numbers. Put simply, there’s no good reason not to leave this on.

SIM security: If you or your wireless carrier has previously configured your phone’s SIM card (available only in GSM devices) with a PIN code for security reasons, you can use this option to unlock the SIM and use it with your phone.Most U.S.-based SIM cards do not utilize this functionality by default. (Note:This option cannot be used to enable PIN-based security on your SIM card.)

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