How to Recycle Your Cellphone in Canada

There are different options when it comes to recycling your cell phone. You can choose to resell your phone to companies that will offer your old phones to others that cannot afford those new expensive phones or they will use the various metal parts to sell to companies that will create other electronics. There are a few things you should pay attention to before recycling your cell phone including what to do before you get rid of your phone to ways you can recycle.

Too many times, we as consumers do not realize that our cellphones and other electronic gadget hold our private information including private numbers. Before you let your cell phone go to a stranger you need to make sure that you protect your privacy.

The first thing to do is stop your account with your service provider. Clean out the memory of your cell phone. This should be done by using the master delete option. If you cannot find the master delete option, then you should talk with your service provider to ensure you can erase all the of the phones memory. Always remove you sim card before discarding your cell phone. Now, your cell phone is ready to go to a stranger and your privacy is protected.

recycle your cellphone

If the reason you want to discard your phone is that it is not working properly, you may want to see if it can be repaired. Some repair shops can fix your phone and have it working like it did before or they will purchase the phone to resell once they have fixed the problems.

Many charities are now accepting cell phone as donations. You can easily donate your old cellphones to charities that appeal to you or to a cause that is close to your heart to help others or animals in your area.

Some service providers offer you the opportunity to exchange your cell phone. You can send them your old one and you will receive a credit that can be used to help purchase another phone of your choosing. Of course, if you wait to get the credit before purchasing a new phone, you will not have a cell phone until they send the credit and you order a new phone.

There are cell phone retailers in Canada that will let you drop off your old cellphones and electronics that you no longer want and they will recycle them. Some stores may charge a fee if you wish to drop off your cell phone or other accessories, so it is best if you learn more about all the options of getting rid of your old phones.

Today, the good news is that you can actually go online and sell your old cellphones to companies that will either resell the phones or recycle the parts. All you have to do is choose the type of phone you have, your carrier, and the condition of the cell phone. The website will then provide you with a quote of how much your phones are worth and once they receive the phone will send you the money.

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