How To Make Money With HostGator Affiliate Program

With the unsatisfactory income, that can be received from Google Adsense and other similar services, one has to diversify and not rely on these services as the primary revenue source. Though blogging for money may not be the best thing, money reward may be the justification for someone who is running a blog. The long tedious hours that are spent trying to create constant traffic and favorable responses is normally the first priority for any blogger. Money should not be counted out, and anyone who speaks against it is wrong.

The HostGator which is an affiliate program can be used to maximize your revenue. What is likable about the HostGator affiliate programs is its simplicity, even for non members, anyone signing up for their affiliate program, instantly gets a banner display of his website together with promotional codes that enable someone to receive good revenue. In this article we shall describe to you simple advice on how to reach your capacity using the program.

Select a strategic CTR position for the banners:

On the HBB, You should select the top right hand side of the HostGator banner next to the blog header, reasons being, it’s the most targeted areas on the blog. On your blog, make sure you position is strategically placed where you can be easily seen by any reader. Ensure you do not clutter your blog with too much advertisement since the effects could be negative, too much advertisement creates “ad blindness” which misdirects the reader away from the intention of the blog.

hostgator affiliate program

Generate coupon codes:

After signing up with the HostGator affiliate program, you should be able to create coupon codes easily for your account. Coupon codes are designed to be alphanumeric discount vouchers. The discount rate can range up to 25% for the reader who may want to buy the HostGator US and India

Sponsor coupon codes via social networks:

Social media is a driving force like no other, especially when it comes to the internet. For readers of HBB, the power is evident and the results on your blog or website are tremendous. Active coupons can be sponsored on your fan page on Facebook. With the amount of people who want to start a blog or website being too high, giving them discount coupons is a deal they can’t refuse.

Offering free services helps:

This is additional freebies you can offer, this step is not mandatory for everyone, it should only be followed by those who feel compelled to do it. You can easily offer free WordPress installation to those clients using the coupon code to sign-in. Having freebies is the greatest marketing gimmick of all time, a high percentage of humans are irresistible to free things, by having something free on your site, the amount of traffic it can create can be overwhelming, the traffic will be tremendous and in the end you will have attracted so many people and created awareness of your blog or website.

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    1. Hope you can try out but not sure will that can lead you some revenue.If you got any response please do share with us.Meanwhile thanks for your comment paul

  1. Hi John, Thanks for giving those tips for increasing affiliate sales. Recently, i was going through the reviews of Hostgator and found one really negative review in which author was saying that he didn’t get any money for his referrals even after 7 months. Wants to clear you have any such bad experiences ?
    I’ll also start affiliating soon.
    With Regards.

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