How To Make Money Online Without Investment

Starting a blog is an exciting venture that a lot of people love to participate in, but they also want to make some money along the way. How is it possible to start up a blog and make money without putting any money into it?

Send Your Link:

Once you have established yourself a bit in the blogging world, you can start sending your blog out to some larger companies. Essentially, your blog is your writing sample for potential employers. The owners of these websites might hire you to start blogging for their company or to turn your blog into the company blog. Basically, your blog is acting as one of the several pieces of your application package for the job. Hopefully, you will start to receive some compensation once you are hired for the job.

Pay-Per-Click Offers:

You might have found some sites that allow you to blog on them for free, but they will put advertisements on the site. Depending upon the number of clicks the advertisements get, you will receive some compensation. Use social media to your advantage in this case. Post your link on your Facebook page and ask friends to click on any advertisements that are of interest to them. Be sure to let people know when you have written a new blog post. It’s likely that the ads will refresh themselves from time to time, so viewers will have something new to look at.

Pay-Per-Visit Offers:

make money online without investment


Another type of program that exists for bloggers is a pay-per-visit type of deal. You might be able to start a blog on a site and get paid when people come to look at the site. Since you are posting blogs on a certain company or entity’s website, you might be assigned a certain topic about which you are supposed to write. When people come to the site, you will receive a certain amount of money for each unique visit. Once again, you can completely use social media to get the word out there and to encourage your friends list to visit your website.

Selling Your Work:

Online writing is really making its mark because so many people are looking for employment on the Internet. Furthermore, people are always conducting research on the Internet, so they do need some materials to read. You might find that a variety of websites are looking for people to blog for them. When you are first starting out, it’s wise to not turn your nose up at some pay rates. You really need to establish yourself in the industry before you can start asking for larger sums of money, and blogging for reputable places is an excellent way to start building up a portfolio.As you can see, it is absolutely possible to make money from your blog; you just need to have a sense of which avenues to explore and how to market yourself to potential employers. With all of these ideas listed above, you never have to spend any money to do so.

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  1. Great tips!!! hope it will rain money for me by using these techniques. And yeah..PPC is most effective one but need lot of mental calculations.

    Thanks for the share!!!

  2. Nice piece of information there. Thanks for sharing. I think Squidoo should also be here in the list. As it can be a great source of income without any investment.

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