How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S Series

For all its popularity as a gadget that has changed the world, the Apple IPhone 4S is not just a foolproof gadget. This is because the Apple guys have locked up most of their compatibility systems for their gadgets. This means that one will have to sync the Apple music players and phones with only Apple applications to be able to use them properly. Thus, this means that the Apple gadgets are not used freely by people who own them. This is why some people may be thinking of ways on how to jailbreak IPhone 4S. This can be done in the following ways and methods.Initially, one has to install the latest Apple apps to get cracking. This will be done because the Apple applications have to be used in syncing the gadget with the computer. When you sync the phone with an Apple app, you will end up starting the real process of jailbreaking your IPhone 4. On the official Apple website, you can find the genuine links of the download. Also, you can find some useful advice and guidance in syncing your IPhone and other gadgets with the computer. The software should be importantly genuine enough. This is an important factor.

When you begin jailbreaking your IPhone 4, you need to be sure that all the data on the phone remains intact. This will be done by necessarily syncing your phone with the computer. If you have the genuine version of the Apple ITunes, you can sync in your IPhone 4 and transfer all the important data to a new platform. Thus, you can create a suitable backup for your phone data. Thus, if the data is lost when you are eventually jailbreaking the IPhone 4S, you can be assured that there is enough backup data as well to be transferred again to the phone.

iPhone 4S

On the Apple IPhone, there is the standard Safari web browsing application. One should now open this browser and type the address ‘’. On typing this, the user of the IPhone is redirected to the main website. Once you reach there, you need to click on the ‘Free’ icon. Once you do this, you will start automatically downloading the jailbreaking software known as Cydia. You need to click on the Install icon in the website. When you do so, you can install the whole Cydia software in your phone. Thus, this is how you get the jailbreak software on your computer.

Once you do this, you need to tap the blue button available on the icon. When you do so, you will end up jailbreaking your entire phone. The whole jailbreaking process will take quite some time. However, once it is done, it is important for you to reboot your IPhone at once. When you eventually start your IPhone again, it will work now well. It will be perfectly compatible with a number of other applications and programs. Thus, these are the main steps to jailbreak your IPhone completely away from the clutches of the Apple software.

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