How To Integrate your iPhone With Your Home

One of the main reasons millions of people have an iPhone is simply because there is so much you can do with it! Whether it be downloading apps to make your life a bit easier, or even playing games, there’s something for everybody. Or as Apple say; There’s an App for that. We’re going to take a look at how you can integrate your phone with your home, for work and for play.

For work

When it comes to using an iPhone for work, you’ll find that there are literally millions of apps that can help you out in some way. Work in the home tends to be the mundane things that we do on a regular basis such as grocery shopping, chores, paying bills and remembering to pick up the dry cleaning! Many of us will just input some data into our calendar and hope that it will be enough to remember everything that needs doing that day. You can get some specific apps that will make home life and all those chores a lot easier however.

iphone for work

Grocery shopping – Nearly every single large supermarket has their own app now, that you can use to order your food directly to your door. You’ll find it easy to add your regular bits to the shopping list and even use a bar code scanner so you don’t have to search for every single item. If you’re stuck for recipe ideas then check out the supermarket’s own recipes and they’ll add what you need to your basket. Simple!

Chores and tasks – So there’s not an app that will hover your floor yet, but there are some great ones for keeping a note of all your chores. Check out family orientated apps that let you designate certain tasks to members of the family. Great to remind those that always say they ‘forgot’ to take the rubbish out.

Bills and budgeting – Quite possibly the worst of all the tasks that need to be carried out at home; money. A quick search of ‘budgets’ on the app store will bring up some pretty impressive free stuff for you to try out. Give a few of them a go and see which one works best for you.

For play                                                                                                                         

It’s not all work, work, work when it comes to integrating your iPhone with your home, there are some playful ways to do so too! Many people now use their phone as the key part of their home entertainment systems, either by wireless connection or via USB cable to a computer or console. Many of the big names in entertainment have bought out their own apps that will sync with certain pieces of technology.

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Sky – You can now program me your Sky box through your iPhone! Download the app and you can be watching TV on the go, or setting your box to record things when you’re out.

Games consoles – Apps such as Xbox Smart glass will actually let you use your phone as a remote to control your Xbox 360. This makes it a lot easier to use your television as a way to access the internet or listen to music.

Music – There are many different music apps out now that will help you listen to music through wireless speakers. Things such as the Sonos use an iPhone as a remote to control music throughout your whole home.  iphone music appsNow you know how to integrate your phone with your home you can impress friends and families with your iPhone knowledge!

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