How to Increase Your Phone Signal

Sometimes, wireless Internet and mobile phone signals can be very unreliable depending on the weather and obstructions such as walls and appliances inside the house.

Slow web browsing, videos not loading, choppy calls—these are the pet peeves of many people, but they can be eliminated if only the signal works better.

Normally, when people need better reception, they would walk toward a cell tower, where cell signals are stronger. They’d just turn on their phone’s decibel meter and track the signal using it.

But if one lives in a house with multiple rooms and needs a permanent solution to their weak service problem, here are some easy tips to extend any wireless and cell signal that requires minimal effort.

Proper Positioning

Cell signals from a tower travel in every direction and are strongest and most effective in an open space. Terrain, walls, and other obstructions can disrupt and dampen the signal’s strength.

That’s true with signals from a booster as well.

Thus, installing a signal booster at the center of the house allows its multi directional signal to be distributed evenly indoors.

Brick and concrete walls are the bane of cell signals, so position the booster in a way that the signal reaches most of the rooms without passing through more than one wall (or two, at most).

increase phone signal

Use WiFi Calling

If one already has access to a WiFi network, they can hitch on their WiFi to make calls.

Most new phone models have the WiFi calling feature, and it usually does not need an app to work.

It’s also automatic. For example, if the device can’t get good reception but is on a WiFi network, any calls made will be switched through the WiFi. When the device loses the connection, it immediately reverts to the cell network.

Remove Obstructions

Electronic devices disrupts cell signals, so a phone signal booster performs best if it is mounted somewhere elevated, where no appliances can directly block its signal.

Other devices, like microwave ovens, wireless telephones, and other sources that use frequencies, can also disrupt the connection.

Get a Signal Booster

If the cell signal is weak in some rooms of a building, a signal booster is the best solution. A signal booster grabs any transmitted signal from a cell tower then amplifies it so it can reach a wider area.

The booster also acts as a secondary tower, re-transmitting its amplified signal around its own local area.

If the source of the signal is 4G, then it’s better to buy a 4G signal booster, like the weboost home 4G booster. It is designed for small apartments and condominiums and is easy to install.

One Last Resort

If no matter how much one extends the range of the cell signal or hops on a WiFi network yet it still doesn’t permanently solve the reception problem, perhaps it’s time to change phone carriers.

Some carriers have better coverage in some areas. Look up the service of other providers and see if they have good tower presence over the current one.

One can also consult a cell tower map to learn which carrier has better coverage.

There are a lot of phone carriers to choose from. In this age, it shouldn’t be a problem to stay connected.

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