How to Adjust Volume and Sound Notifications on your iphone

The Sounds settings pane shown in Figure 13-4 is where you can adjust all the sound-related options on your iPhone. If you’re sick of the noises your phone makes when a new text message or voicemail comes in, this is where you go to shut them off.

Silent Vibrate: This option lets you choose whether you want your phone to vibrate when you get a call or alert when the phone’s on silent mode.

Ring Vibrate: This is similar to the silent vibrate, but Ring Vibrate also lets you choose whether you want the phone to both ring and vibrate when the phone is in standard mode (ring active).

Volume Slider: Adjusting your ring volume here is the same as adjusting it using the side volume keys, but this allows you to quickly pull it to either the loudest or softest setting.

Ringtone: Tapping this option will take you into the sub-menu, where you can choose a universal ringtone for all your calls. After you’ve chosen one, tap the Sounds button on the top left to go back to the main Sounds menu.

New Voicemail: This is the alert sound that plays when someone has left you a new voicemail.

New Text Message: This is the new text message alert sound. Although the iPhone actually plays back two different sounds—one when the phone is locked and one when you’re in the actual SMS conversation screen with the recipient—this switch enables and disables both.

New Mail: the alert that plays when you receive a new mail message. Unless you use Yahoo Mail or have your email set to automatically check for new mail, you won’t hear this sound unless you launch the Mail application to manually check for new email.

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Sent Mail: this is the whoosh sound that plays whenever you successfully send an email.

Calendar Alerts: This is the sound that accompanies Calendar alerts when the go off. Shutting this off will just shut off the sound, but the alert will still pop up.

Lock Sounds: This is both the Click noise that goes off when you press the On/Off button to lock your iPhone, and the click noise that goes off when you slide the unlock bar to unlock your iPhone.

Keyboard Clicks: These are the click noises you hear when you type on the keyboard in any application. They’re useful when you want to know if you hit a key correctly, but the keyboard sounds can get annoying once your typing speed goes up.

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