How Technology Improves Warehouse Operations

Warehouses have emerged successful in the battle for efficiency and increased profitability. Thanks to the evolving technology that has transformed the way various operations are conducted in a warehouse. More and more companies are now realizing the importance of integrating technology into their business. Warehousing firms are realizing that the operations conducted with the use of technology can have a great impact on supply chain as well as the entire business.

Technology has greatly enhanced visibility in the supply chain. In order to deal with increased complexity in the modern business world, warehouses require advanced technology. Technology helps warehouses handle enormous amounts of data and maintain accuracy.

Implementation of the internet technology and the Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) has benefited warehouses, as it has helped them achieve greater visibility in the supply chain and improved overall functioning. Here are a few technological devices used by warehouses these days and how it helps them carry out day to day operations.

1. Warehouse Management System (WMS) – This is special software used in most warehouses these days. This software does not require reading devices for installation.However, a Radio Frequency (RF) is often used to install the VMS software. Here are a few benefits of using this software in a warehouse.

• The VMS software keeps a track of where every item is located in the warehouse.It also gives a fair idea about the quantity stored in each location.

• Items that share a location can easily be tracked with the help of this software.

• It settles issues related to picking of orders and decides which pickers can be used for this task. The VMS software is beneficial for a warehouse, as it determines the amount of items to be picked from pick slots.

• Labor effort is drastically minimized by using this software. This is because a VMS can easily verify ways to re-slot a warehouse with regular use.

• It saves a lot of time because users do not have to spend hours keeping aside or picking items.

2. Radio Frequency (RF) – This software in warehouses is used to study bar codes during picking and for calculating inventory. Devices send out data to the main system through RF and this is one method of reading bar codes. This device cautions the picker at a time when an incorrect item or quantity is chosen. One of the major benefits of using this device is that it helps boost picking efficiency, which leads to increased productivity in the warehouse.

3. Voice-Directed Picking (VDP) – Headphones and a microphone are the two
devices a picker uses to determine the amount of goods to be picked up. These devices are fastened to a wireless computer, which is fed with speech patterns of every person.


Data is transmitted to the VDP server by the main business system at the time of order picking. The VDP sends out data to the wireless computer selected by the picker. The data is transformed by the wireless computer into easy to hear sounds, which helps the picker to determine what to pick and the amount of items to be picked.

Since a second computer is required for this software, it is relatively pricey in comparison to RF. Despite its enormous costs, several warehouses are utilizing this software due to its time saving advantages. It saves time by preventing users to read any sort of information or holding any type of devices. Language barrier is another problem that this software easily solves. Workers who do not know English can benefit using VDP.

Warehouses must implement technologies that will help them maximize efficiency and reduce costs. These are some of the technologies that they can easily implement to improve overall business operations.

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