Hottest Gadgets You Must Check Out

People who spend their money on gadgets are often willing to try new gadgets when they come along. If you know anyone who is a bit of a gadget addict, then they may appreciate some of the things on this article. There are items to suit every pocket, from the very expensive water-heating tap, to the clothes pegs that will not warp the elastic on your socks.

The Pouring Light:

This is a device that looks like a piece of art in your house. It looks like a glass that is pouring milk onto wherever it site. But, it is actually a lamp that has the bulb hidden inside the opaque glass.

A Transparent TV:

transparent tv

They are dangerously expensive, but are now on sale. When they are off they look just like a pane of glass, but they become opaque when they are turned on. They are a talking point within your home, and they help to make your large TV look less imposing on the room decor.

The 100 C Tap:

This is a tap that you install into your sink. It has filaments inside the tap itself that will heat the water as it moves through. The tap is very expensive, but apparently is able to heat water to one hundred degrees Celsius, which is hot enough to make tea or coffee with.

The Sonic Gog And Cat Repelled:

This is a device that you put in the garden. It is battery powered and has a proximity senor. When a dog or cat comes into your garden it will let out a very high-pitched tone that only animals can hear. This will make being in your garden uncomfortable for dogs and cats, so they will hopefully stay away.

The Power Grater:

This is a battery-powered device. You put your cheese in the top and press the button and it will grate your cheese into a small container at the bottom.

The Floor Plan Light Switch:

This is just one switch that is wired to all the lights in the house. You may turn any light on or off from just one room. It also tells you which lights are currently one and which are off.

The Electric Egg Cooker:

It once appeared on the TV show the “Dragons Den”. It is a small cooker that works like a toaster, except that you put an egg into the machine instead of bread. You may specify how long the egg is cooked for so that you can have a runny egg yolk if you want one.

A Sock Saver Clip:

These are washing line pegs that you may clip your socks onto. It hardly touches them so that they do not become warped as they may do with larger clothes pegs.

A Chocolate Fountain:

These are fairly well known these days, but may be bought for quite cheaply these days, so why not give it a try. It will melt the chocolate you put into it and create a fountain effect with it. Many people use marshmallows on sticks to eat the chocolate.

A Digital Luggage-Weighing Device:

This is a small electronic scale that you attach your luggage to. Pick up the scale and hold your luggage up and it will weigh if for you, giving you a digital readout of how much it weighs.

A Red Wine Aerator:

This is a funnel that you pour your red wine into. It runs through a small network inside the device, which adds air to the wine. This is so that you do not need to leave your wine to sit for a while.

The Pets Eye View Camera:

This is a durable camera that is small enough to clip to your dog’s collar. It will record everything that your dog sees. When the battery has run out, you may remove the camera and load the video onto your computer. It allows you to see all the things that your dog sees which is handy when your dog sneaks into the neighbor’s garden.

The Solar Powered Media Player:

This is called the Sony Eclipse. You attach it to a window and play music or videos on it. The back of the device has solar cells attached. They charge the battery of the player with the sun.

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  1. Thanks for the superb list of gadgets it would be more wonderful if you gave link of every gadgets.

  2. Hello Sameem,
    Nice post about gadget you must check out. Most of the above listed gadgets are for married people what about the ones for singles 🙂 ? Thanks

  3. Awesome list of new and advanced gadgets out of this I like most The Sonic Gog And Cat Repelled, The Floor Plan Light Switch, and A Sock Saver Clip. Thanks for sharing list of this gadgets with all of us.

  4. Cool gadgets! I knew about some of them – that pet’s eye view camera is one I want to look for though. Adn come on, who wouldn’t want a chocolate fountain? Fun stuff.

  5. Hey Shameem,

    Indeed a cool and techno-freaking post. I think if each one of us had these all gadgets than life would have turned out to be a way more cooler. I mean technology has always provided us with comfort and efficient working.

    Thanks for such a great share.
    I wish I can buy any of these someday. 😛


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