Five Green Gadgets You Need in Your Home

Going green is hardly about loving the earth anymore. It is more about saving money because the cost of fuel and power in general is now sky high, added to which there is no real reason why it may come back down now or ever. So, being green is also a move towards lowering your bills where even recycling is going to help bring down the cost of consumer goods (eventually). Here are five green gadgets you can use around the home that are good for the environment and will save you money (in either the short or long term). 

The Evolve(d) shower head:

This is a shower head that uses the simple principle of producing a flow of water that disperses over you more easily. Imagine if it was just one pipe like a hose pipe that was gushing onto your head. Most of your body would be being missed and you would need to shower for longer. With this showerhead it lets out less water and allows you to use what comes out more efficiently. It means you save gallons of water every year and yet your shower works even better because the water is dispersed more evenly and is more use to you.


kill a watt

Of all the things on this list, this one is the cheapest. It only costs $30 brand new. It is a device that you attach to your other household appliances. It will tell you how much energy that appliance is using. If you wanted to you could go around your house testing all of your appliances to see which ones are the biggest power wasters.

The biggest power wasting devices may be changed, swapped or sold in order to make your house more energy efficient. It is great for deciding which appliances should be used less and you can see how one week your power bill may have been on the high side and by the next bill it is far lower.

The energy hub: 

This is a device that allows you to control the amount of power being used in your house. You can set the power amount so that if there is nobody in then you may turn the power down so that nothing is wasted. You can strategically control what is going to come on in your house and when it is going to come on. There is also a function that allows you to see how much power you are using in your entire house and one room at a time.

Obviously, the amount of details and control you get will depend on the hub you buy. You may not be able to use touch screen and may have to use buttons. It is up to you as to the one you buy. The best trick is to be able to see where all your power is going so that you can put a stop to it. It could turn out that you waste a lot of energy when your washing machine comes on. By monitoring it you may be eliminate the thing that is causing such a power drain on your house.

The thermal leak detector: 

This is a device that was originally created for the open consumer market by Black and Decker. It is a temperature sensitive device that lets you know where the heat is escaping from your house. Black and Decker refer to it as cold air leaking in. you are supposed to use this device to see where the cold is getting in so that you can patch those areas. Maybe it is coming in from under the door or maybe from a window. With this device you may save you a lot of money for the simple fact you are not throwing it away on heating anymore.

The TED:

This is not a big cuddly bear. It stands for the Energy detective and its job is to work with your house to figure out where your energy is being lost. The aim of the game is to help you find where you are losing all of your energy so that you can put a stop to it. There is a panel that you can look at that will tell you where you are losing your power so that you can find the culprit and put a stop to it.

The good thing about this one above all others is that is stores information and it does so as long as it possibly can. This means you can look back over your records to see where you saved money and where you lost it. You can see the effect of your newest washing machine that has a very high energy efficiency rating. You can see how that is making a difference to your power bills.

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  1. Hello Shameem, Nice post on Going green. Going green to only helps us to save money for individuals but it helps to solve a bigger problem the earth is facing on Climate Change. Thanks for Sharing

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