Google Released Android 4.4

On the 31st of October, Google presented a mobile operating system Android 4.4. The system received the code name in honor of the KitKat chocolate bar, produced by Nestle. These are the main improvements noticed in new product!

1. System Requirements

Previous versions of Android required more and more memory, but certain measures were taken in order to optimize KitKat work. Thus, even not too powerful devices can easily work with new operating system.  For instance, the system is able to function only with 512 MB ​​of RAM.

Android 4.4 is good for slower devices

In addition, Google promises to give tools and information on how to adapt the system to different devices. This means that a very large number of users will soon have the opportunity to run Android 4.4 on their gadgets.

2. Even more Google Now

Smart search engine Google Now penetrates deeper into all parts of the operating system. Now there will be more tips and the information will be more significant as the search system integrates all available information about you including the location, tastes, habits, favorite sites. And yes, now you can run Google Now just saying «OK Google» to your smartphone. This means that soon our smartphone will be constantly listening to what is happening around. It’s a little bit scary!

 android kitkat

3. The new Hangouts

The new version of Hangouts now supports SMS and MMS, so that all of your messages will remain in the one and the same application.Additionally, you will also get a possibility to receive HD video calls on all devices. Video and voice calls have also been improved to make Hangouts a convenient solution for all of your communication requirements. Animated GIF-files support and the ability to share places via Maps Google are added.

4. Improved dialing system

The standard program for telephone has also got a couple of nice new functions. The search box of dialing system now allows you to search not only in the list of your contacts, but also by telephone numbers of companies located close to you. The data are taken from Google Maps service and Google+. The same function is used to automatically search the background information if you are receiving the unknown call.

5. Full Screen Mode

Let’s face it: the status bar and navigation buttons are sometimes more than unnecessary, especially when you’re playing a game, reading e-books or watching videos. Android 4.4 removes this drawback and provides the possibility of applying the new regime, which hides all the elements except the currently running application. Once you don’t need it, just swipe your finger along the edge of the screen to see the status bar and navigation buttons again.

6. Integration with cloud storage

In Android 4.4 has cloud storage such as Google Drive. This means that you can save and open files directly from the clouds, without having to store it in the memory of your device. Some applications, such as QuickOffice, already take advantage of this opportunity and are able to work with documents directly from Google Drive.

7. New functions for sports apps

The new operating system has added built-in support for two new sensors: Step counter and Step detector. This support will allow developers of fitness applications to have direct access to the data without writing a pedometer complex code and algorithms. Together with new sensors that can operate without stopping in the background, it means that Android 4.4 will be perfect for fitness activities.

8. Control panel

We have already seen several smartphones with the ability to control home appliances via infrared channel. Now, this initiative is supported by Google and the opportunity to give orders to a washing machine will be provided on the level of operating system. So, if your device has this sensor, most probably having Android 4.4 KitKat it can work without any additional software.

9. Record of screenshots

The ability to make screenshots appeared with the fourth version of Android, and now the ability to record video is added. You will have an opportunity to record everything that happens on the screen, which can be useful for observers, journalists, software developers and ordinary users.

10. The new lock screen

Lock screen Android 4.4 KitKat can not simply use widgets of different application. When you’re listening to the music or watching videos through Chromecast, the lock screen of your gadget will show a full-screen album cover or cover of the movie. Here you will find convenient playback control buttons.

Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system. By 2013, more than one billion devices have been activated on this platform. The previous version of Android, 4.3, was released in July 2013.

One of the “weak points” of Android is its fragmentation. Today the most widespread version of the system is 4.1.x, released in 2012. 36.5 percent of all devices use it. Android 2.3.x  is on the second place (28.5 percent).

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