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The world we’re currently living into is moving faster than we thought it will. The soaring technology has made the life cozy and lazy for us. Though, we still need to do a lot of stuff, but, they are far easier than earlier for sure.

The fast growth of technology has also increased the anticipation of people in every aspect like for example smartphones. Nowadays it’s very obvious to see that people are every much desperate to know about what’s coming new instead of what is available.A phone called Google Nexus 6 is facing such anticipation these days and keeping the people’s need on mind, here below a compact review about what the Nexus would be. I hope it quenches your thirst.

Stylish Looks:

The manufacturer of Nexus devices, LG has a load of work to do this time as the demand of users has increased from the brand Google and they clear don’t want to see the same old plastic stuff on their phone.

The Nexus 6 could feature a metal body with around 5.5 inches curvy display, which will have the screen resolution of around 1440x2500p and 400+ PPI density.

Ultra Fast Speed:

google nexus 6 spec

The Samsung is leading the way with its super fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, which clocks @ 2.5 GHz. The Nexus 6 have to beat this specification with the same processor, but with the least RAM support of 3 GB and 64-Bit architecture.

Tons of Features

Except the Samsung, there is no one in the smartphone world who gives the pool of features to amaze the users. The Google Nexus 6 has decided to go beyond this fact and reportedly providing the more features than Samsung.

The Nexus 6 is making the entry of Google into the waterproof world. Nexus 6 is also providing the smartphone mirroring feature to help you watch your smartphone content on T.V.

The latest android is also one of its important features to look for. The Nexus 6 will feature the upgraded android version for sure, but it could be any one of the 4.5 Lollypop or 5.0 Lion Bar as per the leaks.

There are many more stuff guaranteed from the Google, but only the above two has made it to the market rumors.

New Generation Camera:

The promise of Google to re-start the camera era could actually start with the Nexus 6. The smartphone may feature a high end 18-20 MP rear camera with the epic quality and features to ensure the best experience while clicking the memories.

The camera will feature a lot of more features like HDR mode, better image stabilization, efficient low light images and others, but as I said all are under wraps till now.

Wrap Up:

The above written review of the Nexus 6 is just based on the received facts and market reports. Though, some of them could face the reality for sure and if they do, the Nexus 6 will be the new sire of the smartphone world and will provide the much needed fight to the unconquerable Samsung.

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  1. Google Nexus 6 , would be great nexus 5 is of great standards and none other phones at its price range beats it. Iphone 5s can be compared this gig, Nexus is a google product and its a pride to own a google product than a apple product because apple product is common nowadays. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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