Google And Microsoft To Build YouTube App For Windows Phone 8

The applications which have been developed and which are being developed by Google and Microsoft are being highly demanded by people every day. They have given a lot of freedom to the users for downloading and surfing. The applications are very easy to use and quite useful. Thus, they are people’s favorite.

The best thing about these applications is that they are compatible with every phone, tablet, laptop, etc. But they are not compatible some of the phones which are not android based or iPhone. Thus, these phone users are not able to make full use of these applications.

This is the reason why Google as well as Microsoft are working hard on making these applications compatible with these phones also. Since these applications are of a lot of use to the users and are also very popular, these giants are trying to make them available to each and every user and that too on the go.

YouTube is another very famous app which is highly in demand. But again it is not compatible with every phone especially the Windows Phone 8.

The idea of Google and Microsoft to build YouTube app for windows phone 8, has been recently adopted and people have started working on it. Very soon it will be made compatible with the Windows 8 phone.

youtube app

YouTube helps you in watching and downloading videos, movies, songs, etc.

The growing competition today has led to the creation of number of applications. That is why every company is trying to give their best so that more and more users approach them. The future of these applications is very bright and more and more new and advanced apps are being expected in the market. But only the strong, useful and effective ones will survive in the industry.

With new and latest technology mobile phones being introduced in the market, it has become a little difficult to make these apps compatible with all these instruments. But the developers do not have a choice. In order to be on top in the industry, they have to do it.

Recently the developers announced, Google and Microsoft to build YouTube app for windows phone 8. Special teams have been made to accomplish the task and very soon even the Windows 8 users will enjoy these apps.

It is a tedious task because there are a lot of things to be kept into consideration. The security, threats, etc which are related to the app are to be taken care of.

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  1. Hi Shameem,

    Its good news for YouTube video lovers. Microsoft and Google both are top level companies. Windows phone 8 is also getting very popular. So this mutual development will be beneficial for both Google and Microsoft, And for the YouTube lovers too. 🙂

  2. Google and Youtube collaboration is very good for the world, Both together produces very good apps as we see for iPhone and Android devices. And now Google and you tube are building it for Windows 8.

    1. Google always want to lead the tech world so they will do all the stuff as like now they started for windows phone 8 thanks for your comment 🙂

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