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It has been quite a while since all of us previous experienced Nokia was released with a truly great touch screen phone. I’m not stating that Lumia 800 isn’t so great; however I only wish to watch Nokia contend alongside the technology giant Samsung or even the popular Apple. At last, Nokia verified the presence with their latest Windows Phone mobile – Nokia Lumia 900. Here, we’ll discover much more regarding the Lumia 900. Keep reading!

Both Smartphones are the same in just about each and every technique besides the device’s all round dimension. The Nokia Lumia 900 includes all components which are essential for it to become victorious. It utilizes a uni-body thermoplastic layout and design which provides it the eye-catching looks of entire design and style. Its real measurements are 5.03″ x 2.7″ x 0.45″, also it has a weight of exactly 159.90 grams. Having its Super Slim function, without any doubt this handset is fairly simple to carry out. In addition, it features a particular appear which you will discover being distinctively unique and appealing as well.

Nokia Lumia 900 Cameras:

It includes 3 Windows Phone keys under the device’s display screen and they’re spread beautifully. This may decrease unintentional clicks that are likely to take place in case there is a closely spaced key. Nokia Lumia 900 is offered together with the 1.3 megapixel front face camera. You can see it on top-left corner of this Smartphone and little bit upside the display screen. You are able to shoot your own pictures as well as utilize it for video conversation. Nokia Lumia 900 is outfitted together with an 8 Megapixel shutter camera along with autofocus feature and dual-LED flash-light.

Layout and Battery Life in Nokia Lumia 900:

nokia lumia 900 review

When you start looking on the Nokia Lumia 900’s left end, you’ll see that it’s without keys. But, when you see on the right side of the Smartphone, you’ll identify that it’s packed along with keys. You’ll get a power, shutter and volume button keys on the right side. The bottom and top areas has the built-in speaker as well as an earphone port of 3.5mm. There is also a SIM card slot as well as micro-USB slot on the same end. Unluckily, you will not have the ability to access the Smartphone’s 1,830mAh battery or even extend the memory space. With that, this is fairly standard in the present competitive top-class mobile phones.

You will find various other things, which will give you a complete entertainment in this Smartphone. Also you will get lots of features to fall in love with them. This is only an overview about the excitement package, which you can get by having Nokia Lumia 900.

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