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Year 2013 was called the ‘year of responsive web design’ by one of the leading websites the ‘Mashable’. People around the world had become smarter and with coming up of new technology and apps, people are downloading them in large number. This had led to a situation, where the website owners need to change their website design to responsive one. A website needs to be optimized completely in today’s online arena. Moreover, most of the things had found their way online and that’s why many people are engaged in online activities especially gaming. Gambling is one of the most popular forms of gaming that is done by the adults online. Even these gambling gaming websites need a responsive website design to engage the users coming from different browsers, interface, or gadget.

Increase in Responsive Website Design

According to a survey conducted, there had been an increase in mobile betting revenue by 260 percent, which is quite impressive. Many casinos and gambling websites had reported a terrific improvement in their revenue that had been coming from the mobile users. So, this had made the gaming website owners, especially the gambling websites owners to turn their regular webby website design to a nice responsive design to enroll the user engagement through mobile devices. Responsive design had become the need of an hour.

Why Responsive Design is needed?


gaming in responsive sites

Online gaming had experienced a large growth through tablet and smart phones. The responsive website design allows the website to adapt the dynamic and responsive design along with the website layout and content on mobile device. The website viewed on a PC will appear very similar to the content that is viewable on mobile device. This is not possible on regular webby websites. The webby websites are not able to function similar to PC on mobile devices. This is why the responsive website design had become the backbone of today’s website design. The responsive design supports many mobile devices and this does not consume your too much time and money for designing. You can use CSS and HTML to turn your website to a responsive one and easily attract number of visitors to your website.

What is Responsive Design All About?

The responsive design for the games is not all about the screen sizes; it is more about the performance of the website, user experience, interaction, and prioritization for this platform. A responsive design tends to improve the website performance unlike webby designs. The data speed in mobile devices is generally lower than the speed in PC, the website images must be light enough to load quickly. The content must be reduced for highlighting the most important messages so that the large lifting must be left to the server of site.

Elements of Responsive Design

For creating a good responsive design for the games, interaction and user experience plays a vital role along with the performance. The gaming website must be designed for handling all the platforms and should have proper buttons to support the navigation. It should run well on all the browsers and mobile devices. The user must not be able to find any flow in website working. So, if you are going for gaming website designing, make sure the design is responsive rather than being webby.Responsive design had become the need of an hour.

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