5 Must Have Gadgets for Your Office!

The market is full of amazing tech gadgets that help make life easier for us each day! Since most of us spend a huge chunk of time at workplaces, it makes sense to make the office a stress-free and fun place to be in. So what is it that entrepreneurs and HR leaders can do to make workplace a jovial place besides having free lunch and ping-pong games?You can very much achieve this by using the right set of tech gadgets and accessories to make the office more productive, organized and a fun place to be in. These office gadgets and gizmos go a long way to curb stress and boost productivity. From incredibly useful to irresistible, here is a rundown on five must-have tech gadgets for your office:

  1. Multi-dock charging station

Yes, a multi-dock charging station is what offices need the most in today’s connected era. This cool charging station can charge smartphones and tablets at once without the need of removing the devices from their cases. Some of these even come with LED indicator to show the charging status. Millennials, who also happen to dominate the workforce today prefer to stay connected 24 x 7, so why not bestow them with a multi-dock charging station at work.

  1. Portable conference device

Most of us know the pain of those dropping conference calls wherein call quality or poor connection ruins the entire session. Plus with most of the businesses embracing the idea of mobile and cloud, the need of staying flexible and connected is more than ever. You can put an end to conference call woes with portable/wireless conference devices, which can be carried by your employees on the run. These devices seamlessly connect with smartphones and laptops via Bluetooth or USB jack allowing the users to run it in a jiffy. For instance, your HR manager can jump into that important conference with a portable conference device and can pull up the required reports from your cloud HR software on the run.

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  1. Coffee warming device

As they say, you cannot buy happiness, but you certainly can buy coffee! This adage stands true for employees. After all, nothing can replace the essence of a hot cappuccino during those post lunch snoozing hours to keep you going and active. Coffee is the bloodline of every employee and it can’t get any worse than sipping a cold and stale coffee. Having a coffee warmer at the desk is certainly a boon.

Needless to add, it can also warm up other foodstuff and drinks in a matter of minutes right at your desk (winking at all those tea lovers)!

  1. Light diffuser

Sitting at work for long hours glued to your workstation can make you go dull and hazy! Plus those fluorescent lights are irritating to the core after a long day’s work. Light diffuser also known as skypanels are wonderful replacement to those nauseating fluorescent lights over your head. Look up to the wonderful clear skies right above head and destress yourself at any time of the day during work.  

  1. Wireless scanner

Though your HR department is armed with a robust cloud based HRMS software, but HR is one entity that can’t live without printers and scanners. So how do you address the pain here? A wireless scanner that works without the need of connecting and syncing it to a PC is your answer. Yes, you can connect a wireless scanner to your office Wi-Fi. So irrespective of where your HR sits, they can print and scan reports and other letters on the go minus the hassles of any wiring.

There are tons of cool office gadgets available that you might want to give your employees and make them feel home. What is your favourite and must-have office gadget? Let us know in the comments below.

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Anwar Shaikh is a creative cum technical writer focusing on cloud computing, business intelligence/ analytics and human resource technologies. A self-made writer, Anwar writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of budget and user-friendly HR software solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in India.

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