Foodpanda Restaurants: Best Place For Ordering Food Online

Foodpanda is a popular chain of restaurants which is known for its food delivery services. If you are interested in eating Pizza at your office or home in Delhi then you need not worry as they have a number of pizza restaurants all over the city. In India Foodpanda is active with more than 2400 restaurants in 14 cities including Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurgaon where they deliver food of people’s choice at their doorstep without any delivery charges. 

You can get all types of foods at Foodpanda restaurants including Punjabi, Japanese, fat foods, south Indian cuisines and briyani along with a number of other national and international cuisines to satisfy your food craving. You can freely order the dishes of your choice while sitting in the comfort of your home or during your lunch break in the office or form any other place where you want to enjoy the food of your choice with your family and friends through internet. You can use Foodpanda smartphone app on your Android and iOS smartphone to order the food of your choice like burger, palak paneer, hyderabadi biryani, dal makhani, sushi, naan, malai kofta, tandoori chicken or butter chicken and so on. they are prepared to serve the food of your choice anywhere you want as their restaurants have a large selection ready for you round the clock.

ordering food online

You can order the food of your choice with Foodpanda by adopting a convenient, simple and fast process by entering the name of your city and area on the homepage of their website. it will allow you to move on the next page having the list of Foodpanda restaurants to choose one nearby your location. You can select the restaurant of your choice either on the basis of their location or on the type of cuisines offered by them, list of which is provided on the left hand side of the page alongwith the name of restaurant providing them. After selecting the restaurant of your choice you will have to go through its online menu that includes all types of foods including starter appetizers, main course, drinks and deserts. You can choose the foods of your choice to complete your online order. The online order placed by you is then transferred to the restaurant selected by you to deliver it directly at your location including your home, office or any other location preferred by you without any delivery charges.

Deals offered by Foodpanda

Foodpanda also offers a number of discount deals to its online customers to make their eating more affordable. Severally coupon codes are offered by them to enjoy their quality foods with your family and friends without burdening your pocket. Two movie tickets on the purchase of food for Re 300 or 25% discount on the purchase of food for more than Re 500 are some of the other discount and promotional deals offered by Foodpanda.

So you can happily choose Foodpanda restaurants to order the food of your choice online to get it delivered at your location as soon as possible.More Details Visit:

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