10 Finance and Management Apps for Small Businesses

Technology can be hugely beneficial when it comes to running a small business. One area in which simply apps can provide huge help is finance. If you want to stay on top of your small business spending and income, you should consider using these ten finance and book keeping apps.

1. Simple

Simple is a banking app that works with multiple accounts. You can use the app to manage finances, monitor your spending and savings accounts and to even make payments.

2.QuickBooks GoPayment

For bookkeeping, QuickBooks GoPayment is a good app to have. The app is actually a free card reader you can use to charge customers. You don’t need any special equipment – the smartphone’s camera is sufficient to read and process credit cards.

3. InDinero

You should also synchronize your bank accounts and credit cards with InDinero. The app will provide you with a snapshot into your spending and it can even analyse and forecast financial trends for your small business. It’s great for becoming better at handling your money.

finance management apps

4. Digit

You might also want to improve your savings. With Digit, this is easy. The app analyses your spending and then takes a part of this away into a no-interest savings account.

5. Mint

Mint is a popular app and for a good reason. The app allows you to view all your spending and income, helping you to create spending budgets and goals. It’ll analyse your objectives based on your spending – so you can’t cheat!

6. Wally

Similar to Mint and InDinero, Wally makes it easy to track your spending. The additional benefit to the other apps is the receipt-reading functionality. It allows you to use the smartphone camera to scan the receipt and add this spending automatically to your overall budget.

7. TurboTax

Taxation is a complicated subject for small business. To make things easier, TurboTax is an app to keep in mind. It will help you understand accounting and taxation just a bit better – finally, the tax deadlines won’t seem so bad.

8. Wave

You should also consider Wave and become one of the two million business users of the app. The app allows you to manage accounting, payroll and even invoicing.

9. Expensify

If your small business deals with employee expenses, then Expensify will help make it all easier. The app streamlines these processes and makes it easier to monitor and track expenses – you can even use it on different platforms.

10. Mvelopes

Now, your small business might have a bit of debt and Mvelopes is the best app to help get rid of them. The app analyses your spending but also categories your debt in the most beneficial to pay off.

Some apps mentioned above are free, while others have a small subscription or one-off payment fees. You can find various discounts for the online apps at VoucherBin which can improve your day to day operational work and help you to become more cost effective.

So, if you want to make your bookkeeping and finances just slightly easier, consider checking out the above apps. They are going to make your small business finances smoother and more efficient.

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