Exploring the 4 Exciting Updates Android 4.2

The Android is becoming the most installed operating system in the mobile world. We have seen various versions of android from the android 1.1 to Android Kit Kat version. In this post, I have shared few things about the Android 4.2 Jelly bean update. Before going into the depth, you have to know the advantages of the Android 4.2 as well as the disadvantage of the Android 4.2 Operating system.

The Android 4.2 is Better For

  • Fantastic Silky and smooth performance
  • Better notifications performance
  • Default Chrome Browser
  • Re-sizeable widgets

The Android 4.2 is Worse For

  • Limited version of Google Now
  • Roll out is very Slow
  • The lost device security is not present in it.

The Android 4.2 has more improvement in the interface while comparing to the other versions of android operating system. The Android 4.2 has provided a better interface which is more smooth and silky in performance. While comparing to the Android IceCream Sandwich versions, the Android 4.2 has more notification performance. The Android 4.2 is simply nothing than a little update in the Android 4.1 version and has significantly improved the performance. There in not much more improvement in the Android 4.2 while comparing to the Android 4.1 version, but there are few update in the Android 4.2 version. The various update in the Android 4.2 are:

android operating system

Photo Sphere

Photo Sphere is an awesome feature for the new camera mode,which enables the users to create a 360-degree image with your camera, of your entire surroundings. This Photo Sphere allows you to capture awesome screenshots and you can shoot better image with fantastic look. This update in the Android 4.2 makes you to swipe the image to view the surroundings entirely. Not only from your mobile, you can share it on the Google Plus and also you can see 360 degree of image in the Google Plus and also with the Google Maps. It is the new way or approach which enables the users to view your surroundings. And also it provides a new life to your boring ordinary feature.

Multiple Users

This feature is only available in the tablet version of Android 4.2 operating system. This is a useful option for the tablet users and, you can sign out your current user settings and you can go for the next users in the welcome screen. You can also place an image to the users and multiple people can have distinct profile. Even you can share the contents from one users to the other users.

Gesture Typing

This feature allows you to enter your input by simply slide your fingers in the screen. This will let you to enter your input details by using the Gestures in the keyboard.

TV sharing and Daydream

Android 4.2 Operating System allows you to connect your mobile with the High Definition TV by enabling the TV sharing option. This will let you to view your videos and images in the mobile in a larger screen option.

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