Essential Tips to Improve Customer Service Using Social Media

The key to any successful business is satisfied customers.  Customers are elated when they can communicate and share a more meaningful relationship with their marketers and sellers via the social media networks.  This enables them to get what they are looking out for, offer valuable feedback and ensure that they receive value for money where the product is concerned.  However, while the ‘customer is king’, this type of social media sharing and caring also works to the advantage of businesses and marketers in the fact that they are inspired by the recognition their products have received and at the same time enjoy the loyalty of their customers.

However, for this to take place, a lot of work is involved to retain customers, ensure fulfilled customers and guarantee that the business grows by leaps and bounds.  In the cut throat competition out there, businesses and marketers will do well to follow these tips on how to retain customers through social media, improve their relationship and add new customers to the network.

  • Personalized Email Service: It is best to study the range of customers and embark on a personalized service via email.  This will make the customers feel that they are really important to the business while at the same time is a way to let them know of new products and exciting new schemes.  The subject and content should be enticing and attractive while also ensuring that the customer is made to feel special.
  • Embark on a FAQ page:  A well designed FAQ page will give customers an added advantage.  Here they will be able to post their comments and ask their queries with respect to the product.  Online shoppers revel in the fact that they can question the company directly and receive personalized feedback and answers to their queries.  It will be advised that this page be viewed periodically and questions answered speedily for best results.  Answers to queries should be honest, consistent and should be in clear and simple language so as not to confuse and confound.

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  • Follow-up:  Once these queries have been answered, an efficient business or marketing company will do well to conduct a follow up with customers.  This will work wonders especially if it is a complaint being posted by the customers on social media.  This will not only show that you care, but a wide range of social media users and other prospective customers will get the confidence in your business when follow up of complaints is strictly adhered to.
  • Offer video based instructions on social media:  Especially when it comes to assembly and setting up of a product, it would be advised to create an instructional video for the benefit of customers.  A step-by-step guide to installation and assembly of the product will benefit customers no end.  Pictures and videos are worth more than a thousand words.  Clear cut and precise instructions will leave customers a contented lot.
  • Honesty pays: One aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that customers should never be conned via social media.  If they are confident that ‘what they pay for is what they get’ then only with the business grow and customers keep pouring in enhancing the business even further.

Customer services via social media are something that no online business should ignore.  It is the sign of the times and increasing with every passing day.  Customers are resorting to online purchases whether big or small in an increased way and businesses and marketers will need to keep a constant finger on the pulse to ensure its success.

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  1. Great list of points to keep in mind to ensure customer satisfaction. We all know how social media is been used to spread the word!!! treating customer as a king is a sure shot way to establish a formidable market presence in no time.

    Thanks for the Share!!

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