Ensuring In-Depth Uniqueness With Top Ten Duplicate Content Checking Tools

Uniqueness is a highly desired virtue. With the world evolving faster than expected all that is needed to stay afloat are some pieces of unique brilliance. Write ups over the years have become an inspirational move to attract audience. Writing informative content pertaining to plethora of topics with keeping the originality quotient intact has been a rare attribute off late. Copying work pieces and pasting it in desired places have been predominant as people tend to minimize their work load significantly. To curb this growing plagiaristic approach, many online and offline tools have been developed, which in a few clicks can separate the original content from the copied one exposing the inefficiencies of the writer or rather the concept stealer.

Top Ten Duplicate Content Checking Tools:

duplicate checker tools


  • Copyscape– the most predominant content checking tool which can be availed in the free or paid manner. Initially this software started off as free but with the growing popularity the rates per check has been fixed which ranges around $10 for making around 200 searches. Each search can be as large as 2000 or more words. This comes with inbuilt copy sentry tool which duly informs the user about the source of the copied content.

  • CopyGator– this is free software which informs the registered user about when and where his uploaded piece is getting used. This is great at monitoring the feeds based on RSS giving complete information about the copied content.

  • Plag Spotter– this online tool allows the user to check the extent of the copy on a periodic basis. This gives the option of checking down the entire site or a selected portion by feeding the URL in the search bar. This also facilitates sentence based checking for more intricate demands.

  • Virante– this advanced tool uses the registered domain to look for likewise content and inform accordingly. Uses the current Google cache method and also looks at the PR dispersion to enhance the checking environment.

  • Dupli Checker– this free online tool allows the user to upload large documents in the form of attachments to undertake a complete holistic search.

  • Plagiarisma– this online tool can be availed over a wide range of platforms including the android and windows one. Some added advantages include spelling checker and other pragmatic tools for enhancing usability.

  • Article Checker– this online tool checker is best applied in SEO based purposes and gives the liberty to the users for getting their articles and larger text pieces checked.

  • Dupe Cop– this checker comes with many added benefits allowing the user to compare different article pieces and to bring out the percentage match. Mostly used by those writing PLR based stuffs to be uploaded on websites. With further interface advancement this tool allows checking to be done across 4 article versions to bring out the smallest of copied changes.

  • Plagium– a free content checker which can check up to 25,000 Characters in one go.

  • Similar Page Checker– this is an attractive SEO based checking tool which allows the webmasters to look into the similarity count of their web pages with those of the other competitors.

We can thus conclude that online methods have been strengthened over the years to enhance the checking and comparing strategies to kill the curse of plagiarism. With this hindrance out of the way, greater detailing of work and substance can be done providing more quality at our disposal.

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  1. Nice list bro…If we enabled guest posts on our blog then we should take more care on content…Many newbies copies content from one blog to another…It will harm both blogs…so its very important to use these tools regularly…Thanks for collecting all these tools at one place…:)

    1. we should regularly check before approving guest post because many people sharing the post for the sake of backlinks it will hurt our blog growth.We should always keep an eye on our blogs thanks for your comment

    1. Hey Desmond you have good source for checking duplicate content hope i will add up this in my future post thanks for your comment keep coming πŸ™‚

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