EaseUS Todo Backup Review – Backup and Restore Your Data Instantly

Disaster strikes, when we lost some of the most crucial data of our system. We curse ourselves for not backing up the data. Most of the users fail to backup their valuable data either due to lack of knowledge or due to huge cost of backup generator software. But one can now easily generate and manage backups for free with EaseUS Todo Backup software. It is one of the most versatile backup solutions that come to be handy at times of data loss. Let us learn more about this awesome backup recovery software and look at its versatile features.

EaseUS Todo Backup Software Specifications

One who wishes to use EaseUS Todo Backup software should have at least Windows 2000 installed on his/her system. Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2000 / 2003 and 2008 systems will also work with this software. This software is completely free to be used.

Who all can use Todo Backup Software?

ease us todo backup review

EaseUs Todo Backup software is for everyone who needs a versatile backup up solution. It is a solid backup solution that can be used by anyone who even doesn’t have adequate knowledge about it. This tells us about the ease of use of this software. Anyone from a seasoned administrator to an average user can utilize this software to extreme.

What Problem Does EaseUs Todo Backup Solve?

EaseUs Todo Backup can handle just any backup ranging from single directory backup to image backups. You can also mount the backup once you have created it for ensuring your directories and files are safe. Computer backup, Server backup and other tool backups can be created and managed easily using this software solution.

Todo Backup works phenomenally and backup both business and personal data without causing a downtime. The drive-imaging technology is used for recovering a file from the backup image. The data can also be restored using a bootable CD without reinstalling the OS. You can even clone HDD to SSD at ease.

How to Clone Hard Drive?

If you wish to know how to clone hard drive then you are at right place. Disk clone lets you to copy all your useful data into a desired location. When you wish to clone your hard drive to a bigger unit then you will need the backup image for restoring all the useful data in your old hard drive. So, EaseUs Todo Backup software is the ideal solution for everyone looking to backup and restore the data.

Todo Backup Features

  • Back up to image
  • Restore image files
  • Back up entire drive
  • Clone disk
  • Restore using bootable CD
  • Mount images
  • Easy to use wizards
  • Validate image files

Pros of Todo Backup Software

Some of the advantages of using Todo Backup Software have been listed here. Have an insight and find out whether this software is worth using or not.

  • You get several options while backing up the data- System Backup, Smart Backup, and Disk Backup to File Backup.
  • You can clone your entire hard drive at once.
  • You can replace the files from recovery location.
  • The backup generation is too fast.
  • It updates automatically when new version is made available.

Final Say

So, this was all about Todo Backup software. It is one of the phenomenal solutions for creating useful backups for your important data. One can use this software to full extent and utilize each & every feature of this software.

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