Dish and DirecTV By Presenting Hike in Prices

The dish TV network is having more than 13 million users and it proudly claims to be the rapidly growing satellite television provider. If you are a dish network or a DirecTV subscriber then get prepared to loose your pocket once again. Because according to the latest news sources there are another round of price hike soon. We all have seen in the recent years that almost every package which is available from the two satellite TV providers is going to elevate the fee ranging between two dollars and five dollars. And it is an annual tradition that both the service providers began notifying their subscribers about the price hike just before the Christ, Mass.

Dish and DirecTV

These are the few companies which people hate with no regrets and sometimes such companies go out of their ways reminding us why we hate them so much. This is the time of celebrations where Christmas celebrations are still warm and people preparing for the New Year, satellite TV giants wishing their customers by hiking prices of the fees. They have elevated the prices of the service plans. According to the recent news not the companies have confirmed that they are going to raise the prices of different packages and will increase the service fee.

Both dish TV and DirecTV will increase their service fees for the next year by two dollars to five dollars. Both the companies have made responsible for the television networks for price increase. After the pact which was expired dish is making negotiations with Disney for the stations. Both the companies are developing plans to expand their business beyond satellite provisions.

dish and direc tv

Hiking prizes

Pay TV service providers are among those companies that people like to hate without any regrets and sometimes these companies go out of their way making people remind why they hate these companies so much. As families across the country are celebrating their holidays, Christmas warmth is still on and people are preparing for the New Year celebrations. All the fun was spoiled when this artist news of price hike came into existence. Both the companies have confirmed   that they are raising their prices by the next year.

More and more people are using the cord cutting services and dish and directives are becoming popular day by day.  And to enjoy watching TV they will have to pay high fees. According to the Nomura Equity analyst the DirecTV average TV packages are going to increase by 4.4% for the next year from 3.2%. The base entertainment plan will jump from 58 dollars per month from 55 dollars.

Dish price is going to increase more severe. The dish will increase its prices by 5.5% in the beginning of the next year. According to him the changes will take effect from the January and the directive will make changes in the price for the month of February. Be ready for the change in price.

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