Depositphotos – The Best Stock Photo Agencies You Can Trust

DepositPhotos is one of the best stock photos agencies that you can trust on the internet to get that unique photo you need for your blog or website. With thousands of beautiful photos, illustrations, and stunning vector art at the click of a mouse, you can always find what you want from DepositPhotos. You do not have to invest on a camera so as to have photos that you need.

A source of beautiful royalty-free stock photos

From DepositPhotos you will be able to source for premium royalty-free stock beautiful photos, illustrations, and stunning vector art. It is the best bet for bloggers, designers, photo editors, advertisers, and others who are guaranteed to get the best service here.

DepositPhotos Two way traffic

DepositPhotos is a two way traffic since you can get photos from it or place your own photos there. They make it possible for you to get the perfect images for your business. It is easy to register as a buyer or contributor in their site. You can also subscribe using the special free subscription that will help you in testing the program.

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New improved features from DepositPhotos that you will love


DepositPhotos has made it possible for its clients to integrate with the website with ease. They always keep on improving their features so as to serve their customers and contributors efficiently. This has been made possible by the introduction of new and very important updates. You will also get offers and promotion programs that can benefit you.

Some of the updates they have come up with are:

Licenses – the license agreement has been significantly modified making it now easy for users to understand the difference between the extended and standard licenses. The licensing part also includes a comparison part that shows you possible ways that you can make use of the photos you purchase either using the standard or extended licenses.

A new content editor for streamlining attribution has been incorporated. This editor has simplified the file uploading process. Using the new content editor, it is now possible to attribute many files which are then updated simultaneously. You will also be able to display 200 uploads in a page for attributing.

Release Manager – this is anew tool that will allow you to add important information to your photos for instance age, gender, race, model, country or any other relevant information. Soon, a spell checking tool will be available making it possible for users to attribute their files using correctly spelt words.

There has been a subscription upgrade making it possible for you to choose any plan you want. This eliminates the need for the user to purchase different subscription packages as they go for different photos that they require. The subscriptions are pocket friendly.

Accounts merger – be on the lookout for this upcoming feature for account mergers. It will combine the features of the contributors and buyers account making them one.

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