A Delivery Tracking Software to Delight your Customers with Early Deliveries

There is an unsaid secret to eCommerce success. Faster deliveries = Happier customers! eCommerce giants like Amazon, ebay, Etsy; why, even food chains like KFC, McDonalds, etc. have mastered the art of fast delivery at customer doorsteps.

According to data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, The on-demand business model is reeling in more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending. The category receiving most of the on-demand spending is online marketplaces followed by utility services like transportation, food/grocery delivery, package delivery, etc.

Contus Dart an On-Demand Delivery Tracking Software can fill the Void

In above explained market scenario, it is not just logistic companies that need a delivery tracking system to monitor their delivery transactions. Every industry that is providing/intends to provide on demand delivery must equip themselves with a delivery tracking software.Have a look at the benefits that an Android/iOS delivery tracking software application can bring to a business.

  • Streamlined Schedule and dispatch
  • Optimized workforce
  • Admin dashboard control
  • Digital proof of delivery
  • Instant customer feedback

Contus Dart – To Make Your Business a Champion in On Demand Deliveries

Contus Dart is a perfectly engineered delivery tracking system that helps businesses to complete deliveries through proactive delivery management. The delivery tracking system software can easily sort orders based on distance, priority, size or other custom parameters as set by the business.

Using Contus Dart, the delivery manager can assign delivery orders to the nearest located delivery personnel. Orders can be assigned based on several factors like mode of transportation preferred, order of delivery, rate and so on.

delivery managment software

The deliverer with receive a notification when the order is assigned against his/her name. Using the in-built GPS based route navigation, delivery professionals can easily trace the shortest and quickest way possible to customer delivery points.

delivery tracking software

In the meanwhile, the customer will be constantly fed with real-time information about the delivery status, like ‘Dispatched’, ‘Out for delivery’, ‘In transit’, etc. Additionally, customers can also oversee the delivery progress as and when the deliverer is progressing with the package.

Features that put Contus Dart in the Elite League of On Demand Delivery Tracking App Solutions

Contus Dart is primed to be a delivery tracking solution for several industries, primarily for retail commerce, good/grocery delivery and package delivery. Here are some essential features of Contus Dart that puts it in the league of elite solutions.

delivery tracking app

  • GPS based route map navigation for quick and swift customer delivery
  • Real-time delivery status feed
  • Push notifications to customers, deliverers and delivery managers
  • Admin interface for app-based delivery management
  • User reviews and ratings for gathering feedback
  • ‘My Account’ for deliverers to monitor their deliveries and cash collections

A delivery tracking software can do much more than just tuning the pace of average delivery hours. In the long-run it can even optimize the delivery process for cost-savings and automated delivery management that works with clockwork precision.

delivery tracking

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  1. Hi Masilamani,

    Sweet deal! This is why I see drones being tossed around as delivery ideas; people love getting their stuff fast! And when you track on demand deliveries you know when stuff is gonna arrive. 2 weeks ago in NYC we saw an Amazon delivery man riding the subway with a jacket on: 2 hour delivery. Not bad. He had a big bag filled with Amazon products like Santa Claus LOL.

    Thanks for sharing!


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