Exchange 2003 Database Restore To Different Server With A Useful Solution

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 is a useful server for having up to the mark communication balance within the organization and outside amongst different clients. I am here elaborating my experience according to which Exchange 2003 database restore to different server became an important need which I fulfilled using professional online application named Exchange Recovery. Though there is manual solution available to restore the data but in comparison to that the professional tool which I used for restoration proved superb. 

Extra efforts I made in manual solution:

Though MS Exchange server mailbox databases are easily transportable between the servers which are running on the same Exchange version and in the same administrative group but the manual task is tough to follow. I have renamed and copied the database from one server to another. However, Exchange 2003 database turned corrupted because of Exchange server downtime issue which posed issues in front of me. The complexity revolves around it does not help in gaining adept results. It is thus recommended not to carry out administrative task for transferring mailboxes from server to another. For the end user service, database transfer from one server to another can be done in limited time and minimal interruption with only and only external online tool.

For moving data from one server to another, it became mandatory to re-link the mailbox in the database to Active Directory service. When Exchange mailbox database is created, info must be written into it which can be identified the database as a member of specific Exchange enterprise and administrative group. The database is mounted only on servers which are running on Exchange. It must be kept in mind that Exchange mailbox database is not tied to server or storage group in which data is created. It can be easily transferred to any of the Exchange server which shares the same organization or administrative group.

Manual VS Professional:

server solution

My experience with manual method for Exchange 2003 database restores to different server was really bad because I am not so technical which this. I have to go through the internet help to use this method. This reason prompted me to use professional solution. Thank God, I quickly got an online utility. I purchased Exchange Recovery tool which repaired the entire database and later help in shifting data to another server.

Online tool is the best help!

As Exchange 2003 database restore to different server solution, Exchange Recovery tool proved very useful for me. It is an ultra comfort providing utility which is useful to run on any Exchange edition. This external EDB to PST extractor tool proved highly essential to use and provided me data back to me.

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