6 Cool Apps for Real Estate Agents Should Start Using Now

What are apps?

Applications or “apps” are simplified self-contained programs that are used to enhance the existing functionality in a user-friendly manner. Today the smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful with equally smart browsers. But imagine fiddling with the URL, managing the bookmarks, then zooming in and zooming out on the webpage to fill in the details, etc. Thus, the programmers came up with this simple elegant solution called apps.

How are they useful?

These programs can help you search for Malta property for sale, or rent, tract the negotiation, sales, etc. Apps are miniaturized websites where services are compacted by the company. They give a better control over the business to the agency or company and a better service to the user. These standalone virtual shops offer the user many choices where they spend their time and money productively. These applications are small, open quickly, and the interface is simple to use. Due to these features they can be downloaded on smartphones and be used on the move. This makes these programs, popular.

What Apps Are Available for Real Estate Agents

apps for real estate agents

The apps that may assist the real estate agents in their jobs are:

Google Maps

The satellite image helps get a visual idea of the region the property is situated in, for example – if it is near the sea, or what lies to the four directions and its layout. Besides this, the direction tool used the GPS to help find their way to the address without wasting time.


This is a real estate app that serves as a meeting place for the estate agents and the clients. Clients can see the listings that are enhanced with immersive photos and video tours of the estate. There are interactive maps that not only give directions but also offer reports on the local crime rate, school ratings, local facilities and businesses such as shops and restaurants.

Do a comparative study by location for the rents, facilities, features, sizes, prices and much more. Do a keyword search, save and share your favourite locations with family for their opinion, then contact the agent directly. Other additional features are the instant alerts on the latest additions to the listings, house types, mortgage calculator, browse together, etc.


This is a business app for customer relationship management (CRM). You can condense all those sticky notes and spreadsheet into this CRM. It will categorize your clients into groups, manages your pipeline of relationships and offers a scorecard on your performance. All these services are at your fingertips through this easy to use format.


This software helps you make cool 3D walkthroughs of your listings. With all the advancement in technology and the competition you face; impress the buyers and sellers with your sales pitch via Virtual Reality. Sell your listings faster through this immersive experience.


This is a lead management app, it helps you respond to the leads, gain rich insights and close the deals fast. Successful entrepreneurs in the property business use this tool on a daily basis.   There are tools to manage your agent team, listings and other task management. This app is connected to 35 plus resources that feed the insights that appear as notifications.


This is an e-signature and digital transaction management platform. Fill out documents, sign and send them to others for signatures. Store, manage and access them anywhere in a secure manner. There are 3 plans to choose from – the Standard, Real Estate and Personal. The real estate plan covers sending out documents to sign. Besides advance features such as sign – on – the – go, reminders, void, in-person signing and reusable templates.

Last but not the least, all these applications are free. You can find them on Google Chrome, the Google Play Store for Android devices and iTunes Store for devices on iOS platform.

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