Cloud Backup vs Digital Backup

Of late, there has been quite a bit of dilemma amongst the businesses worldwide, regarding whether to opt for the latest cloud backup technology, or to put the penny on the good old digital backup for optimal data proficiency, storage and usage. The reality is that both these two technologies are unique it their respective approaches, and it is actually the nature of business and the type of need and requirement, which determine the type of backup that a business has to ultimately opt for.

Cloud Backup

Businesses are quite often plagued by loss or corruption of files, and system failures, which virtually paralyze projects and bring business to a standstill. That is why, it is imperative that there is a contingency plan, which plays a pivotal role in helping the businesses run normally even if there is an emergency situation. Here is where cloud backup technology scored over the other forms of backup technology. Frankly speaking, cloud backup seamlessly safeguard the businesses, by providing extra security and protection to the files that is needed by the websites and application. It quickly helps businesses to get back to the normal operations, by restoring the files in a jiffy, even after a comprehensive system failure or loss of data or file.

Besides, the block level compression, coupled by the duplication structure helps reducing the storage costs by up to 20 times, compared to the conventional uncompressed back up technology. Even after the initial backup, the additional backups play an incremental role in lowering the total cost.

cloud backup vs digital backup

It also helps to seamlessly create and manage file-level backups through the Control Panel of the API. Since it is integrated with the Cloud Servers on high capacity networks, protecting the files and restoration of backups take just a few minutes.

Besides Cloud backup also includes file compression and block level deduplication, which in turn reduce the backup times, file size, as well as storage costs. After the preliminarybackup, block level de-duplication helps in saving time as well as storage space, by backing up the changed file.

Digital Backup

Digital backup is another means of keeping the backup of files and folders, particularly for companies that have international presence. The mainstay of this technology is IP trunking. In this system receiving and making calls can be conducted in two ways. The users can have an IP-PBX installed in the office, and can have IP as well as PSTN lines. This can be done with the help of the seamless combination of a certain type of software and hardware, which is designed to switch the calls between the IP and the PSTN networks. Now this switching is carried out by an external third party, which is called by ITSP or Internet Telephony Service Provider. This ITSP actually plays the role of the switching exchange, establishing the connection through an IP network, thus reducing the cost of communication by a considerable extent. With only the cost of internet connection coming into play, the cost of telecommunication becoming almost negligible, even when it comes to overseas communication.

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