Christmas 2012: Top 8 iPhone Accessories!

Apple and Christmas can be a perfect combination. Nope! This is not about buffet dinners; this concerns the latest iPhone accessories available in the market this Christmas. With almost everyone having an iPhone at hand and Christmas coming on its way, gift giving has been made easier. Here are 8 of the most useful accessories specifically designed to fit the needs of your iPhone devices!

IPhone Lens Dial

Though it is a bit expensive for an iPhone accessory, Lens Dial compensates through its trendy and cool features. It will never fail to amaze you with its interchangeable lenses. You can rotate between 0.7x wide-angle lens, 0.33x fish-eye lens and 1.5 x telephoto lenses. For $250, your iPhone will be unique and stand out in a crowd!

OWLE Video Rig

Let the inner director in you come out and capture the awe-inspiring scenes with an OWLE Video Rig. For $159-$169, this rig can help you to practice and shoot at different locations in your upcoming movie project. It has a built-in 0.45x37mm wide-lens, precision shots, a tripod mount and VeriCorder Mic. Who would have thought that in using your Smartphone’s, a high-quality video can be made?

Lark Pro Sleep System

iphone accessories

Lark Pro Sleep System tracks your sleeping patterns and takes notes of these habits. It vibrates at the set time even if your phone dies out. For $99.00, a beautiful slumber is certain and you will wake up in the right side of the bed!

Mobile iPhone Projector

Watching videos on the iPhone can cause irritation in your eyes. i20 Projector &Battery Pack- a device meant to answer all your movie addiction! With its tiny size, it can make a projection of 50 inches. The projector is charged via micro USB, this means you can easily charge it from your laptop or PC. For $150, every night can be a movie night!

The iPhone Rangefinder

IPhoneographers will be fascinated with this iPhone accessory. IPhone Rangefinder is a phoneography system which makes your phone work like a classic camera. With a shutter button, viewfinder, tripod mount and wide/macro lenses, magnificent pictures are achieved for only $95.00.

Blood Pressure Dock

You can be health conscious with the power of just a tap. With Blood Pressure Dock,you can monitor your vital stats and blood pressure for only $100.

iPhone 4/4S Telephoto Lens Kit

For only $35, you can purchase this detachable lens which has high telephoto powers!This lens kit can be magnified up to 8-12x and can also be used with collapsible table tripod for a much steadier focus.

Compact Photo Cube Printer ($149)

Just dock your phone, select the picture then voila! Your Photos has already been printed. Compact Photo Cube Printer is easy to use, functional and will not take ample space in your room. With your iPhones and cube printer you need not go to a printing station and wait for your pictures. All it takes is one minute and you’ll see those pictures come out to life!

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