Contus Fly vs Slack vs Hipchat – A Comparison of Communication Tool

For businesses that need more than just another free and public communication tool, a chat app is a helping hand….

competitive edge

Why Your Company Needs an L&D Hero

The business world today is highly-competitive and, in order to stand out from the crowd and flourish, you need to…


8 Things to Avoid Online or Easily Get Hacked

With several years of internet and web experience, I don’t need to be a certified online security expert before I…

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finance management apps

10 Finance and Management Apps for Small Businesses

Technology can be hugely beneficial when it comes to running a small business. One area in which simply apps can…

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baby food processor

Pros Of Having Your Own Baby Food Processor

If you are a busy parent, the idea of making your baby’s food instead of shopping for pre-made food may…

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google chrome errors

Top 5 Ways to Troubleshoot Google Chrome Errors

Google Chrome is one of the most sought after browser in the Internet world. It is the preferred browser for…

delivery tracking app features

A Delivery Tracking Software to Delight your Customers with Early Deliveries

There is an unsaid secret to eCommerce success. Faster deliveries = Happier customers! eCommerce giants like Amazon, ebay, Etsy; why,…

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apps love

7 Apps i Love and Here are The Reasons Why

The word ‘phone’ does not justify the functions we are offered today by our mobile phones or should I say…

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businesses with erp

Streamline Complicated Businesses with ERP

If you are a business venturist or have an experience managing business processes, tackling any complex situation probably be just…

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Best Inventory and Order Management

Top 5 Inventory and Order Management Software on Cloud

Order and inventory management are heavily interdependent functions that can spell ‘PROFIT’ or ‘LOSS’ for a business. Effectively managed inventory…

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