employee confidence

How Employers Can Bring More Confidence To Their Team

Teams that operate without confidence operate from a place of fear – fear to try new technologies, fear to report problems, fear to share ideas or observations. This leads to…

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The Overall Financial Impact of a Cyber-Attack

Cyber criminals pursuing financial gain through identity theft, fraud and blackmail; competitors disrupting businesses or stealing intellectual property to gain advantage; and “hacktivists” penetrating firewalls to make political statements, cyber…

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online marketing

How to Market Your Online Business Correctly

You might have a great idea for an online business. Many people have great ideas every day. However, only a very small number of these new websites ever amount to…

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earthnnetworks review

The Best Weather Forecast Management Company

How good it will be if you have all the information about the weather in advance before travelling to a new destination? Is there any software or product that can…

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melissa bolona

Actress Melissa Bolona Celebrates 100K Followers On Instagram

Model and actress Melissa Bolona has recently reached a new Instagram milestone of 100K followers and is well on her way to amassing more. Bolona, who has earned a global…

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Contus Fly vs Slack vs Hipchat – A Comparison of Communication Tools

For businesses that need more than just another free and public communication tools, a chat app is a helping hand. The market is flooded with many business communication tools that…

competitive edge

Why Your Company Needs an L&D Hero

The business world today is highly-competitive and, in order to stand out from the crowd and flourish, you need to stay ahead of everyone else and manage to stay on…


8 Things to Avoid Online or Easily Get Hacked

With several years of internet and web experience, I don’t need to be a certified online security expert before I can tip you on how to keep your valuable information…

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finance management apps

10 Finance and Management Apps for Small Businesses

Technology can be hugely beneficial when it comes to running a small business. One area in which simply apps can provide huge help is finance. If you want to stay…

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baby food processor

Pros Of Having Your Own Baby Food Processor

If you are a busy parent, the idea of making your baby’s food instead of shopping for pre-made food may seem insane. However, homemade baby food has plenty of benefits…

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