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Mediating Corporate Governance

If you have an advanced degree in Conflict Resolution, then you have the knowledge to mediate a variety of different conflict types in the corporate world. The relationship between businesses and courtrooms has become

Choosing The Right Domain Name

By the end of 2012, the Internet held nearly a quarter of a billion registered domain names, many of which did their owners no particular favors. Choosing the right domain name is a critical

Adobe Premiere Infographics On CSG Mac Cheat Sheet

Adobe Premiere Creative Suite 6 now supports Mac OS X! This is groundbreaking news for all the Mac users who are hoping to take advantage of Adobe’s CS6 features like workflow and workspace management,

The Grinch Who Stole Data

Source: Every person who has anything to do with data knows a Grinch or two, and the deadliness of his hacking actions. 2012 was another noteworthy year for the Grinchs of the tech

Chutes and Ladders of Love

Feeling like putting a little spice into your relationships? How about playing a game of Chutes and Ladders of Love? See who comes out a winner and happily betrothed as well as who comes

Who will Acquire RIM

In 2007, Research in Motion was at the height of its success, praised as Canada’s most profitable company and the clear market leader in mobile technology. But in just five short years, RIM now