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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo: Design a Neo Life!

Unveiled by Samsung in the previous year, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo was launched as a lower priced version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Promising powerful features and a smooth experience, the smartphone

The Best Gaming Laptops Under $800

Now-a-days, many big laptop manufacturers are coming up with new laptops every week that has increased the difficulties of the consumers. With so many gaming laptops available in the market today, it has become

Which Power Bank is Good? Li-ion or Li-po

Now this is a question that might have run through your mind many times. Most mid-range to high end modern smartphones come with lithium polymer batteries while the low end ones usually come with

Latest Mobile Apps in 2015 for Business Owners

With the advent of technology all businesses use mobile gadgets, tablets and smartphones to stay connected. As a company always chasing investors and looking for new customers, it is important to have a team

Top 5 Android Smartphones Below Rs 25,000 in 2015

If you have been a smartphone user from quite a while, and now looking for a premium device with high-end specs and ready to spend a good amount of money, there are a lot

Best 5 Samsung Android Phones Under 5000 INR

If you’re searching for best and cheapest samsung android phones below Rs.5000 then you;re at right place.In below article I have listed the best samsung android phones with price and specifications.These are the samsung

The Most Anticipated Tech Releases For 2015

Mark your calendars Р2015 is the year everything will change.Smartphones with sapphire crystal screens. Tablets with 401 pixels per inch (PPI).And a new operating system that comes with a built-in Xbox app. There’s

Blackberry Passport vs Blackberry Classic

Blackberry Passport and Blackberry Classic are the new two fantastic Smartphones in the market. In order to see which one suits your requirement, we would compare both the phones.The BlackBerry Classic has performed well

How to Recycle Your Cellphone in Canada

There are different options when it comes to recycling your cell phone. You can choose to resell your phone to companies that will offer your old phones to others that cannot afford those new

Microsoft Hololens Mind Blowing Technology

Microsoft HoloLens is a standalone device that is not tethered to any device and is not connected through wires. It is the first consumer oriented product that focuses on bringing the reality to the