5 Must Have Gadgets for Your Office!

The market is full of amazing tech gadgets that help make life easier for us each day! Since most of us spend a huge chunk of time at workplaces, it…

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best vr headsets 2018

Best VR Headsets in 2018

Virtual Reality is the most up-to-date entrant to the world of wearable technology, and it has taken this group by storm. VRs offer an immersive experience in which your head…

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JioFi Portable 4G Wifi Router – Price, Specifications, Tariff Plans and Review

Wi-Fi and routers are becoming a necessity for people who own multiple devices. One of the favorable aspects of a router is that people want to stay connected to the…

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10 Best Waterproof Headphones With Price

If you are looking for waterproof headphones that will allow you to do swimming and other sports activity while you are listening music, then you need to make sure that…

smartphone industry

Chinese Aggression In Indian Smartphone Industry – A Tech War?

We’re not talking about technological warfare in this article. But, in a way, there is an ongoing battle between Indian players and their Chinese counterparts. That is when we speak…

phone apps to hide text messages and calls

Want to Keep the Text and Calls a Secret? Try These Apps

In today’s world, it is practically impossible to encrypt all our communications. Data encrypted end-to-end is the only case where we can trust the service to protect our data. The…


Spritzr Dating App Review

Spritzr is a new dating app that people are having a lot of fun with. It is a dating app that allows both singles and those in relationships to enjoy,…

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technology life

4 Ways Technology Will Save Your Life When You Least Expect It

Innovations in technology are continuously changing the way we live our lives. It can make our work a lot easier, turn our homes smart, and make connecting with other people…

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Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds under 100 Dollars

You might sometimes find people shunning the use of ear buds more often. They would often just want to use the headphones all the time. Well, it is not always…

business gadgets

8 Gadgets to Use to Better Your Business

The use of the internet is slowly becoming a key feature in every industry today. Firms are making huge investments in technology to remain profitable and competitive in the modern…

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