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Microsoft Hololens Mind Blowing Technology

Microsoft HoloLens is a standalone device that is not tethered to any device and is not connected through wires. It is the first consumer oriented product that focuses on bringing the reality to the

Siri Vs OK Google: Battle of the Digital Assistants

One of the most exciting recent developments in smartphone technology is advent of digital assistants, interactive programs that gives users voice activated access to the functions of their devices such as the contacts, calendar

Oppo R5 – The Thinnest Smartphone of the World

Oppo, one of the leading Chinese vendors had launched the slimmest smart phone of the world named as Oppo R5. It is just 4.85 mm thick and comes with HD display along with 64-bit

Extending the Battery Life of Your Smartphone

Phones today can hold days worth of battery life on standby time, so why does it seem like your phone can hardly make it through one day? Simply put, as your phone ages, the

Turn Your Mobile into a Money Making Machine

As mobile technology continues to improve and evolve, so does the scope for players to use their device for something more than checking Facebook and texting friends. The online casino industry has been growing

Nexus 6 – Not Just a Phone, it’s a Phablet

Nexus 6 is the most expected smart phone for its release – with Google and Motorola to tie up and give their bests. The gorgeous 6-inchmonster phablet introduces to the world the purest form

iPad Mini 3 Release Info and Specs

The very first thing to mention about the long awaited and much anticipated iPad Mini 3 is that it is very unlikely to be actually titled the ‘iPad Mini 3.’ Similar to how the

HTC One E8 Review – Pay Less and Get More

HTC has built up a reputation in the mobile industry over a period of 10 years and had been into manufacturing of various mobile and tablet computer models. The credit of making the first

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review

Microsoft had already unveiled its tablet cum laptop- Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in a press event. This smart gadget is basically a tablet that at times can also be used as a laptop. This

HTC Desire 816 Review in India

The HTC Desire 816 is already out for sale in international market and people are buying it in large numbers. It has got some of the best specs as compared to the smart phones