Top 10 Category and Tag Optimization plugins tailored for WordPress users

Dedicated to content-rich websites, WordPress CMS has served as a remarkable software for managing and organizing different types of content, for eg: video, graphics, audio, transitions etc. Category and tags continue to remain two of the most talked about topics of discussion among WordPress users. If you too have been using Category and Tags within your WordPress portal and are interested in customizing them for better performance, this is a post for you. Here, I’ve jotted down a list of 10 high-end WordPress plugins that aid in effective optimization of category and tags within a WP website/blog.

  1. Taxonomy Thumbnail

Taxonomy Thumbnail is a fantastic WordPress plugin which offers you an excellent ability of attaching a featured image for a specific category or tag related to a particular post or page. This plugin uses “new” media window instead of the traditional thickbox. With the Taxonomy Thumbnail plugin, you can add the thumbnail on the term creation or on term edition page. It is interesting to know that by default, the plugin’s UI is visible to all public taxonomies.

  1. Category Sticky Post

WordPress’ sticky post feature allows you to retain the post position towards the top-a phenomenon called stuck. This sticky post appears within the main query or on the blog’s front page. With the Category Sticky Post, you can easily extend this functionality by making the post stuck within the category archive. Additionally, you can also find a WordPress plugin called Tag Sticky Post which is dedicated to tags used in a post or page.

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  1. Most Popular Tags

A successful installation of the Most Popular Tags plugin will add a new widget that would display tags in addition to category and a custom taxonomy. Taking full advantage of WordPress 2.8’s new Widget API, the Most Popular Tags plugin will allow you to have multiple instances of a single widget. In simple words, you’ll be able to specify the count of categories/tags and link categories that need to be shown on a particular post or page.

  1. Single Category Permalink

On assigning multiple category hierarchies, the permalink URL of your post would tend to get quite lengthy, comprising of a parent category and several hierarchies. The Single Category Permalink plugin will enable you to keep the permalink URL short using just the last category that has been assigned to the post or page under focus.

  1. Category Pie

Category Pie is a WordPress plugin which adds a Pie chart into the administration pages for tags, categories and custom taxonomies. With this plugin installed into your website/blog, you can easily have a glimpse of the percentage share of categories that have been used on your portal.

  1. Require Post Tag

Require Post Tag is a WordPress plugin which allows you to offer users an impressive opportunity of adding at least one tag prior to saving a draft, updating or publishing a particular post. While this flexibility would be applicable to all the normal posts, the Requite Post Tag might not be compatible with custom post types or custom write panels. One of the major advantages of this WordPress plugin is that it can be used with a different WP plugin in order to control post-tagging on your blog/website.

  1. Category Description Widget

Installation of the Category Description Widget plugin will enable a widget within the category description. In simple words, even if your WordPress theme doesn’t display a category description, the Category Description Widget plugin will enable the display of category description without the need for adding even a single line of code.

  1. WP Limit Tags

Using an infinite number of tags for organizing the website content isn’t an intelligent decision. Thanks to the existence of WP Limit Tags plugin, it has become convenient to set a limit to the count of tags that can be added for a specific post or page. With the installation of WP Limit Tags plugin, you’ll have a Setting screen that can be used for setting the limit for tags. Plus, you’ll also be able to select the post types which include a restricted tag assignment.

  1. Category Color

The Category Color plugin will add a new color picker into the default category editor. Not recommended for regular WordPress users, the Category Color plugin is tailored for WordPress theme developers who intend to add a unique style to the category archive of different WordPress themes. Whether you intend to color the Post titles, Category names, background or lines, Category Color plugin will enable you to do all this with complete ease.

  1. Taxonomy Switcher

If converting Taxonomies and Categories into Tags is on your mind, then a quick and successful installation of the Taxonomy Switcher plugin is what you need. Compatible with custom taxonomy, this plugin is a must-have for every WordPress website that’s loaded with tags and categories.


With such handy WordPress tag and category customization plugins by your side, it definitely becomes easier to manage your website content in a remarkable way. Get on and choose any of the aforementioned plugins which would suit your needs perfectly.

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