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As Smartphones continue to become more and more ‘Smart’, the average person’s dependence on it keeps increasing. More and more people have begun relying on Smartphones for their daily activities. In a state like today, it is almost impossible to imagine a life without a Smartphone, you know. No matter what it is that you need, there is an application to get you through it. 

The kinds of apps that have infiltrated the market area:

  • Business Apps

  • Utility Apps

  • Entertainment Apps

  • Multimedia Apps

  • Social Network Apps

  • Education Apps

  • Healthcare Apps

  • Lifestyle Apps

  • And many more

The most important of them all, in one way or another are the Business Apps. Business mobile apps development has become a chief area of focus for many people. Since the world is driven by tablets and Smartphones, business owners have come to realize the kind of things that are possible with applications.

business mobile apps

Today, people use business apps for 4 basic purposes:

  1. Streamlining internal business processes: Business apps enable a person to continue and carry on their business remotely. This means people can use them to send emails, broadcast messages, and access database, download reports, create presentations etc.

  2. Marketing: Business apps are a fantastic tool to market your business. Creating an app that can catch the attention of your target audience can mean a direct reach and penetration into the desired market which can help in building brand value.

  3. Direct Sales: Most Entrepreneurs are also opting for apps as a means of direct sales. This means you prepare a relatively interesting app in throw it into the market for a price. When people download your app, they keep purchasing it and you keep on making money.

  4. Mobile Commerce: people love to shop. That added to the comfort of being able to shop from where you are makes it all the more comfortable. This is why many business owners are bringing to the floor apps which allow people to indulge in shopping experience right from their mobile devices. This doesn’t only entail ease for the customer but also ensures a lot of business for you.

Other Apps

There are some very interesting apps in the market which make sure that your overall experience going about your business is pretty easy. There are numerous apps available like:


Evernote is a much talked about application that helps you take notes, add pictures, record voice notes etc. and compile it in one solid business e- diary. Users can organize and share this data with a selected group of users. It can help you keep track of all your ideas in one place.

Google Drive

Google Drive is something that can be called as an extension to Google Docs. This app lets you import and export files along with being able to edit it meanwhile from a PC to a tablet or a Smartphone. This entire process is made absolutely user friendly and effortless. It is a fully loaded; completely feature rich office application that can also double up as a complete cloud drive. Most top business owners have already started using Google Drive and I can bet that soon, it will be a regular office software. Oh, and of course you get a huge storage capacity of 5GB absolutely free.


Bump is a ground- breaking networking app that lets business persons move past the old- style business cards in favor of computer- generated ones. Users can give and take contact information, photos, and files by simply “bumping” two Smartphones together. Now isn’t that nice! Since its inception in 2008, the app has garnered over 8 million monthly users and 27 million downloads.

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