How to Build WhatsApp like Chat app & Technical Checklist to Consider

Calls, messages, file transfers – All the three makes the majority of actions made by any smartphone owner in the world on any random day. And it’s not a wonder that there is a mania to build chat app like Whatsapp and win its market share.

To the question of how to create a chat app like Whatsapp or just a one that’s universally accepted, the answer lies within knowing two things in depth.

i) Technical checklist ii) End-user preferences to consider

In the forthcoming portion, we are going to talk about both technicalities and end-user preferences that help to develop a chat app that works great on iOS, Android or any given platform.

Technicalities that are required to build a chat app like whatsapp

What has made WhatsApp the bible for building chat apps, be it for simple purposes or with enterprise-level sophistications?

Undoubtedly it is the architecture of the WhatsApp and the technicalities that pillars it to render an uncompromising experience across all devices. Well, here goes our effort in revealing the technical strengths of WhatsApp. And once you are done reading it, you can improvise them to make things much better. So here it goes…



The server and programming language pairing do the trick for WhatsApp. Ejabberd server does the duty of processing multiple messages between several nodes while the codes written with Erlang programming language takes care of the instructions. High sustainability and capacity to accommodate a huge communication network are the reasons for leveraging these technologies.

Storage and protocol used

YAWS takes care of multimedia file storage. YAWS is coherent with Erlang and this web server is meant for apps with high data loads. From XMPP protocol, WhatsApp engineers have moved on lately to a new protocol for server performance optimization.


FreeBSD happens to be WhatsApp’s operating system while Mnesia and MySQL are the databases.

Well, this checklist will sufficiently answer the question of how to develop WhatsApp like application that’s technically sound. Let’s move on to our next topic which happens to be the often overlooked area.

Other features that can make a difference to your chat app build

Video chats – The innovation that’s not far behind

In-app purchase – Monetization idea for your chat app can be a good revenue generator. In-app purchases can be set for people to buy more personalized experience.

Well, that sums up the list of end-user preferences that can be considered before you attempt to build a Whatsapp clone or an instant messaging app on iOS, Android or any other platform.

Easy to Get Started


Users will be eager to experience your app, so the minimal the initial formalities are, the sooner they’ll get into the experiencing phase. To give a flying start for users, you can build a native chat app with single step registration. And to get started, contact information import from a phone book and social networks can instantly provide users with a flurry of friends to begin a conversation with. Building an app like snapchat & whatsapp require same period of time.

How to Build a Real-time Chat App?

Apphitect IM Solution is a readymade instant messaging chat app solution that has everything bolted into it to create a fully functional native Android chat app & iOS messaging app for enterprise-grade businesses in quick time.

Apphitect IM Solution is fully customizable. It makes use of ERLANG programming language which make it hyper-accommodative towards changes, tweaks or downsizings of any kind.

It can be the best collaborative tool for your teams to stay connected, get a point across and get work done on the go since it has multiple communication modes like

  • Instant messaging
  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Location fetch
  • Multiple file type support
  • Group chat, etc.

Encrypted end-to-end like Whatsapp and HMAC, your chat conversations are safe and unbreachable. Real-time connectivity, multi-device compatibility, messages sync and social integrations offer a high degree of convenience when it comes to peer to peer communication.

Push notifications keep your employees in the loop on ongoing conversations. You can search and retrieve chat logs anytime from any device you access your chat from. The UI and UX can be personalized to suit any specific brand needs.

“On the technical front, Apphitect IM Solution uses Ejabberd server and ERLANG programming language. Mnesia, MySQL and Cassandra handle the database requirements. Amazon S3 bucket backs up the multimedia contents.”

Apphitect IM Solution is a less time-to-market solution that can bring down your development effort from from-the-scratch build to customizations. With a dedicated support team, Apphitect IM Solution can make sure you take off smoothly with your business conversations.

Your dream chat app can be built choosing a readymade solution that can accommodate the above-discussed technicalities, end-user requirements and a one that’s flexible enough to bolt in any specific business requirement.

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About the Author: Masilamani


  1. Why are you using 3 different database when you can store the user details and sessions in Cassandra or vice versa

    1. We have made use of three different databases for holding three different purposes in order to achieve an optimal performance by minimizing the load.

      – Mnesia is for user sessions.
      – MySQL holds user info like account credentials, personal data.
      – Cassadra for Chat logs

  2. I want to create an app like whatsapp where I want to include peer-to-peer voice calling feature. Is that possible using your solution?

    1. Thanks for contacting us. Yes, You can get the voice calling feature implemented in the chat app where the end-to-end user can communicate with each other.

  3. Nice post! Got to know the technical stack to create a chat app. I’m into process of create one similar to this. Hope it comes out well ☺

  4. Got to see a whole list of end-user preferences here. Gives sufficient ideas to go on with the chat app development process with enough features!

  5. As i have knowledge in the development part i say, Creating an app like whatsapp seems a quit easy task when it comes with minimal features. But when we expect customizable features going for a readymade solution is the right path i agree!

  6. Do u have an app such as what’s app clone? In All The other apps available the clone remains maximum for a day and then it again asks to scan the code. Do u have or do u know any other app in which unless I logout from the clone what’s app it doesn’t disconnect or asks for the qr code?

  7. I am using XMPP for my Chat application for iOS, but i am not able to mange push notifications in background state using XMPP, how you are managing push notifications in background state, can you give me some idea technically .

    1. There are open source chat app builders that can be used for creating real-time messaging apps on iOS and Android, However, if you are concerned about Apphitect IM solution we’d like to mention that we give it’s SDK for a price.

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