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How long has it been since you have dusted and paddled your fancy bicycle?

Cycling around the long, empty roads lined with green trees has been on your mind since a long time, but you have not been able to prioritize it. You just can’t drag yourself out of the home to cycle around in the neighbourhood on a Sunday morning; and you have no clue, why?

Well, in all probabilities, you simply lack company of likeminded people who could encourage you to join them on a weekly cycling expedition.

Experts say that most people fail to go outdoors and indulge in their favourite leisure activity due to lack of company. It is easier for people with shared interests to plan and perform activities together than an individual. This may be due to the fact that our so called social networking life is restraining us from switching off the gadgets. We often find ourselves virtually engaged, but rarely find time and will to pursue an outdoor leisure activity.


Remember the time when you were young and eagerly waited for the boring, drowsy hours of afternoon to fly by; and the evening brought your friend outside the house, calling you to come out and play with them?

Brigge, a new Android mobile app, has taken up the task of bringing new friends with similar leisure interests – just outside your window.

Already making waves in social media and app circles, Brigge is touted to be a revolutionary app in the digital age.

Brigge works on a simple premise; let people with similar interests connect and plan an outdoor activity.

On the service offering front, this app allows users to register, create and view various activities listed under 18 categories. Users can find interesting activities in the vicinity and even interact with other participants, to plan and perform them.

The app enables users to create activities under 18 categories including Community, Culture, Photography, Running, and Technology.

In essence, it is just like creating an event, with an exception that on Brigge, participants can share comments to mutually agree upon time, date and other logistics involved in conducting the event.

Few popular activities on Brigge includes: Food Walks, Heritage Walks, Paintball, Royal Enfield Rides, and Spikeball.

Over 10,000 users are already optimizing this app to connect with people with similar interests.

Though many people are hesitant about the security aspects, the developers are confident about the app security, which they say can only be compared with the top social media companies in the world.

Also, the app doesn’t compromises on the users’ locations, which according to Brigge developers is ‘utterly pointless’ as meetings can take place at public places.

Brigge allows users to watch other participants’ timelines for photos and comments of previous activities.

From UI and ease of operations standpoint, the app deserves full marks and features such as real-time push notifications, Brigge Feed and Timeline makes it more engaging, interactive and transparent.

After an overall review, Brigge does seem to have the potential to change the way we socialize.

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