Why Is The Blackberry Losing Market Share?

Once upon a time it had an illustrious and unbeatable market share. However it is losing tremendous amount of favor in the eyes of the consumer. The reason why Blackberry could be losing market share is very simple when analyzed. Some of the reasons are the following:

  • When the blackberry first came out, it’s target segment was the business circle. The corporate circle was very highly attracted to the Smartphone. However, since then to now, it has become a product for the masses. Thus the business crowd is not attracted to it also anymore. The reason is that there is no technology which is there to upgrade and support it as well
  • This Smartphone was the original wireless handheld which possessed a large number of other mediums of communication as well. Thus the USP in the beginning was the cutting edge technology which got lost midway leading to its downfall.


blackberry market share

  • Better and jazzier phones have come out in the market. For example the Samsung Galaxy 3 or the iPhone are being bought by the customer. These phones are updated and are equipped with business and personal features too. Thus a multipurpose phone works very well in today’s age and date.
  • At the end of the day sales figures is what defines the performance. The reports are showing that the losses are only increasing with sales plummeting. However, the warning signs are being ignored by the company leading to further losses.
  • The entertainment value along with the functional value which is provided by the new Androids, Apple products among others is tremendous when you compare it to the Blackberry.

The Blackberry is a giant which has fallen due to the reasons which has been attributed above. The BBM is one aspect that is keeping the Blackberry afloat, but the question arises- for how long?

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