How is Blackberry Better than Android ?

The latest mobile technology has helped many people and with their lives, with the different OS installed the users have different benefits. There are all kinds of mobile operating systems around the world which work on different hardware such as Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and many others. People have different choices and have different opinions about these devices and the OS on them. Here are a few reasons as to why people like BlackBerry over the Symbian or other Androids.

Advanced UI Interactions

When it comes to Android, there are many ways that a screen can be unlocked, but not always it has to be a swipe. There are buttons also in some mobile phones, the latest ones however in Blackberry OS 10 ensures that it wakes up without pressing any key. This feature is native to the Blackberry. The users need to swipe the fingers in an upward direction, and the screen is awake.

blackberry and symbian

Another advantage of Blackberry over the Android is that when you are too close an app you can just swipe it down you don’t have to press any button for closing it. This makes it a bit more efficient and quicker than the Android. Another feature that allows the phone to wake up automatically is when you pick it up from a surface it turns on the screen. With these advanced interactions still not available with the Android, it makes it easy.

The multitasking abilities

This is a feature that is good in both, but a little better in the blackberry. The better part in the blackberry related to this feature is no lag. There are a few androids which lag when this feature is used.

The BlackBerry Hub

One of the greatest features of the Blackberry OS is that it unites most of the apps so that you can get the notifications all in one. There is hub a central location where you can have access to all of these notifications related to emails, SMS, call records, emails, social networking feeds and much more. This is where it is more efficient. This is why people may use this OS rather than Android. This is the reason that people do not miss any notification, no matter what you have lost will appear on this hub. This is how it gives more control over the Smartphone as compared to the Android.

The search feature

When comparing the search feature of Blackberry OS to that of Android you just need to tap in the keywords and not have to open a particular app for searching. THz makes the Blackberry OS search better than the Android.

You just need to type in the home screen, and it will give you results of all the phone, SMS, files, folders, Yahoo, or Google, internet results or whatever you need. With these extended search options user feel at great ease.

Applications and Notifications

Application installation is not a problem when it comes to both these OS. If you can install apps like TheOneSpy for Android, you can do same for Blackberry. There are games and financial apps that you can buy on both of these OS. But the better feature that users enjoy is the notification. If you are playing a game on Android, it will not give a notification of the SMS you receive unless you minimize it and see it. This is where Blackberry is better as it shows all notifications on the top of the screen.


The security on the Blackberry is a bit tight. It allows you ten attempts to enter a password if still lit is wrong it will shut down and start to shred the files on the phone.

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  1. interesting post shameem, personally i would prefer android and i think that blackberry has had its day. crazy to think it when blackberrys were all the rage 5 years ago

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