Bitdefender Mobile Security Review

This piece of software is one of the greatest security applications for Android. Brought to you by industry veterans Bitdefender Antivirus, the app brings good malware protection and some anti theft tools to the mobile device. It is a light weight tool and provides great security to your android device. It comes with reasonable price that is $9.95 per year. So let us review the Bitdefender Mobile Security application closely.

Anti-malware & Threat Detection:

Bitdefender only extracts the information from the files that may harm your device. It provides constant protection by scanning your apps. All the apps are downloaded and updated after Bitdefender scans them completely. You can even scan your device when it is connected to the internet.

Performance Impact:

Bitdefender maintains the continuous protection of your Android device. This application is always running on your system, and it can even be installed on your device in less than a minute. It is tested that Bitdefender does not impact your battery life. Also, your device will feel no lag, though the scanning process of Bitdefender will continue.

App Removal & Real Time Protection:

bitdefender mobile security

Bitdefenderscans your device quickly, but it does not have a quarantine or ignore option. If your app contains any type of malware, Bitdefender will throw up the notifications and warnings and will let you know about the threatening applications that it has detected. It offers a convenient pulldown that shows all suspicious applications. This security function makes it very clear for you which app is threatening your device.

Privacy Advisor:.

privacy advisor

Many Android users want quality applications, but some of those applications might leak their personal information to be used for advertisements, tracking their location, costing them money, or using other shady marketing strategies. Though these apps are not malicious, you might not want such rubbish leaking your personal information. So, Bitdefender provides the complete monitoring of these apps and tells you about any dangerous behavior they might engage in.

Web Security:

Bitdefender Mobile Security protects you from any malicious attacks that may come through internet phishing schemes. It will help you out in filtering the different URLs and will help you in having an easier browsing experience.

Theft Protection:

Theft Protection

Bitdefender offers you various useful features like device location, remote lock, remote triggered alarm, messaging options, and remote wipe. It will display your device on the Google Maps, which greatly helps with theft protection.

Remote SMS Locks:

This is one of the most critical features of Bitdefender Mobile Security. If your phone is stolen, you can secure it using the SMS commands. This feature of Bitdefender might just prove to be a phone saver. Your phone will be fully secured using SMS Commands.

Pros of Bitdefender Mobile Security:

  • You can find your lost phone with its anti-theft features
  • The web security features helps you to browse through the secured URLs
  • Privacy Advisor helps you to look into the app and find which app may be dangerous to your Android device

Cons of Bitdefender Mobile Security:

  • Users do not have enough control over its web security feature
  • The Privacy Advisor is missing root controls

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