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Anyone who takes their betting seriously has probably already started to use an online betting exchange rather than a traditional bookmaker’s. Why would anyone choose to be restricted by bookmakers’ odds when you can seek the best value odds offered by other punters just like you? That’s how betting exchanges like Betfair work. It’s just ordinary people placing bets and laying (accepting) other people’s bets. When a bet is won, the win is paid out to the relevant party, minus of course, Betfair’s commission which works out to be around 5 per cent of the winning bet.

But those Betfair users who want to take their betting to a whole new techie level should look at downloading a betfair trading app to increase their chances of improving their betting systems and making a greater profit. By using a trading app, users will get access to software on their pc or mobile device that provides real-time price charts, constantly updated information and many trading tools that can give their betting system a more professional approach.

Betfair Apps


Betfair Apps

With any of the Betfair apps, any user will have a competitive edge over Betfair users who don’t use them, and as they can study multiple markets simultaneously, they are ready to place and accept bets much more quickly than other punters. Features include single click betting and a really rapid refresh rate so the information to hand is always up to the minute.

If you’re sceptical about how useful these trading apps are, there’s an easy way to trial them without making any commitment. Each of them comes with a free trial of one or two weeks, so there’s no need to commit to a subscription until you’re ready to. And at the moment, there’s plenty of betting action to test the apps out on with Wimbledon and the World Cup going on.

And even when you have paid for a subscription, you can still switch to simulation mode whenever you want and your simulated bets will be played out based on real Betfair information even though no real money is involved, so you’ll be able to judge how well the app works for you.

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