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How good it will be if you have all the information about the weather in advance before travelling to a new destination? Is there any software or product that can provide you with complete weather forecast? You hardly know any! is one of the best weather forecast management companies that can help you get the exact weather forecast before you move out from your house. Let us learn more about it in this review alongside.


20 years ago, the company aspired to build the largest hyperlocal and proprietary weather data network around the world. It has now become the leading company when it comes to providing the most accurate stats about the weather to big companies and data centers. It has its operations in all continents of the world except Antarctica. Apart from the large geographical coverage, the company has some of the best products to offer. Let’s go through these products in brief.

Top Features

It offers the most exclusive range of products to all its clients that help them to derive the environmental intelligence using those products. Some of its greatest features are as follows:

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Decision & Support Collaboration Tools

These are the tools which integrate its weather and lightning data to help the organizations in making critical weather forecasts. The Sferic Maps, Sferic Mobile, Outdoor Alerting System, and WeatherSTEM are tools offered to the organizations. It is the emergency alert software that acts as a complete weather alert platform to get exact weather reports.

Data & Analytical Model Delivery

The quality of weather reports is really important for optimizing your analytics as many users trust your data analytics and you should not break their trust. It has 12000 weather sensors and 1200 lightning sensors located in populated areas to detect real time lightning and weather changes and inform you about it.

Meteorological Services

The weather definitely impacts the cost of doing business. The organizations that are working in the aviation, energy production, recreation, and broadcast media industry rely upon the weather data scientists to make the best operational weather influenced decisions. It tailors your forecast depending on your business needs. You can request the meteorologist support for the onetime events or the recurring series.

Weather Sensors

It is the largest proprietary sensor networks of the weather, lightning, and greenhouse gas around the globe. It has 1200 lightning sensors and 12000 weather sensors around the world to provide you about the exact stats on weather changes.


It even provides its clients with some peripherals like video cameras and HD displays to enhance the user experience by providing the distilling weather information in an easy to understand format along with the visuals.

The Bottom Line is the best weather forecast intelligence system around the globe that provides you complete weather analysis and informs you about every minute change in the weather conditions in most of the areas of the globe. It provides the most accurate data around the world is blindly trusted by a number of big organisations in this planet.

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