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Enjoy fresh music shows and radio-style talk on an MP3 player or iPod? Welcome to the world of podcasts. Podcasting tools not only bring refreshing and interesting content each day, they also allow users to create and broadcast their own radio style show for sharing, in a very short time without incurring much costs. Let us check out some of the top podcasting tools for iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPod.


Instacast, as the name suggests, instantly recognizes the various podcasts on your device and automatically brings related feeds so that the user does not have to add them manually. When one stops watching the podcast video or stops listening to the music, Instacast saves the program from that point onwards. On connecting to a Wi-Fi network, the tool will automatically download the program. The background play feature of Instacast allows users to listen to the program while multitasking between other applications on your iOS device. Instacast can be downloaded from the iTunes App store for a small price.

best podcasting tools

Instacast 4 is the most noteworthy update of Instacast with a refreshing user interface and features that will make the podcasting more interesting and lovable. Instacast 4 is supported by iOS 7. Some interesting features of Instacast include: A sidebar menu allows for quick access to bookmarks, lists, subscriptions, Up Next queue, Directory and settings. Up Next is a dynamic playlist where episodes for playback are queued for continuous playing. This feature allows users to send single or multiple episodes easily and quickly. Instacast 4 automatically downloads new episodes as well as refreshes subscriptions when the Apple device is idle, thus the content is ready to enjoy whenever one wants to.


Downcast for iOS allows users to retain podcasts for a set time for a small fee. This allows one to keep old episodes of favorite shows and delete those that have already been viewed. With Downcast, users can download podcasts in the background while multitasking, plus they can add RSS feeds of relevant podcasts manually if they have not been automatically downloaded. This podcasting tool also lets users create customized playlists of podcasts, so that they can enjoy similar content simultaneously. There are other advantages to using Downcast for iOS as the podcasting tool. Besides auto downloading off or on, marking new episodes for downloading or streaming, Downcast for iOS allows users to dive into advanced options including sending and saving large media files to Dropbox, importing and exporting RSS feeds of podcasts, and labeling podcasts for priority play. What’s more, Downcast for iOS also allows for iCloud syncing so that users can listen to their favorite episodes on any other iOS device using the same podcasting tool. Downcast for iOS also allows for playback control through headphones, selecting individual podcast episodes for downloading or streaming without prior subscriptions.


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  1. Instacast is an impressive tool.Haven’t used Downcast.Will give it a try soon.I wanted to say this new design here at Techclickr is really great.Much better than the previous one.

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