Best Photography Apps For iPhone

If you have an iPhone, there are many photography apps that you can install on the phone to unlock its full photographic potential. You do not have to only use the native camera app to take photos. These apps can improve the way your photos look. The best photography apps for iPhone can be downloaded. Some of the apps may be free, and those that have to be purchased cost less, probably less than a cup of coffee. These apps can be used to edit photos and make them seem professional.

Some of the best photography apps for iPhone include:



This app makes it easy for users to share beautiful photos on social media. It is easy to push photos directly to Facebook and Twitter from Instagram compared to other apps where you will have to search for photos. When you take photos with your iPhone, you can use the in-built ability of Instagram to apply blurs and filters in order to make them appear cool and professional.



This app allows users to add a timer and take photos. It has some amazing features that can assist you filter and make your photos clear. It also enables users to focus and straighten photos.


Just like the name suggests, this app allows you to blend a couple of images together. You can choose a desired layout then place your photos by clicking on the spot. This app makes it easy to share a collection of photographs.

Photoshop Express:

Photoshop Express

This app allows you to achieve professional editing and it is easy to use. It also enables you to add frames, filters and other amazing photo effects. You can select colors and different sizes of brushes to edit your photos using Photoshop express. This app is very cool as it provides you with different built in effects on parts of your photos, and still provides you an option of creating your own photo effects.

Photo Mugs:

Photo Mugs

This is a brilliant app to create a photo mug in a few easy steps. You can have one photo on each side, add tiled effect or even your own message and very next day your personalized mug will be delivered at your doorstep!. It is an incredibly quick and user friendly lets you view your photo on the mug, change it as per your need, zoom in out, rotate until you are completely happy with it. Once all is done, you can order it from your iPhone itself. To know more about “how to personalized your mug”.

Color Splash:

Color Splash

If you want to remove some colors from a certain photo, then this is the most suitable app for your iPhone. It is easy to use as you will only need to expand the photo, then drag a finger to the portion you want to remove color from. The final image will be amazing as it will have the desired color effect.

Photo Splash FX:

Photo Splash FX

If you would like to make your photographs masterpieces with just a few taps, then you should try out the photo splash FX. This app will enable you create awesome shots regardless of whether they are new high resolution or black and white. You can also use this app to create text blending on your photos.

The good thing about the best photography apps for iPhone is that they allow users to easily share their masterpiece photos with friends through Twitter, Face book, email or even Picasa. These apps also offer both pro user options and non pro user option, making it easy for everyone to edit their photos. If you have an iPhone or you are thinking of purchasing one, you should definitely install these photography apps on your gadget to make your photographs masterpieces instantly.

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  1. Thanks for your post Shameem. The list looks good. I have tried Photoshop Touch app. I’m happy that I have shared an app apart from your list. With its latest addition bringing the formerly tablet-only Photoshop Touch to the iPhone. It’s an effective re-imagining of Adobe’s killer desktop app.Since the arrival such new apps is the reason for the growth of iPhone Application Development.I liked Photo Splash FX from your list.

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