The Best iOS Apps For Musicians

Apple was one of the first to bring the music production to masses. And now it offers lots of iphone mobile apps development for music production and related things. These apps will be useful both for professional musicians and for those who do their first steps in composing and recording their tracks. Having one of such apps on your portable devices will let the musician not to waste the precious time and do the things on the go! So, here is the list of iOS apps which are widely popular among the musicians and which you definitely should try our yourself.

1. GarageBand. Far not the new app, it’s now available in AppStore. This app is like a small recording studio. It offers you to compose a song containing several tracks (8 tracks are maximum). You can also add some effects, as standard ones (reverb, echo, volume), and there are some fun effects available, such as ‘robot’ and many others, Try recording your voice as well using the iPhone mic. This app is perfect for making a quick demo when the idea suddenly came to your mind and you need to write it down.

2. Songwriter’s Pad is a real must-have for those who write song lyrics. It offers some extra and cool facilities. At first, which is obvious, you can write the lyrics down and record your idea on audio. At second, if you have a hard time finding the inspiration, you can use the Idea tool, write your emotion and generate the list of words asscociated with it. What is more, there’s a rhyming dictionary. So, if you cannot pick a good rhyme, type in the word and the program will generate the list of rhymes and you can choose the suitable one.

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3. Nanostudio is a real recording studio for your device. If GarageBand aimed at creating simple tracks and demo-versions, this one offers much more facilities. There’s a sequencer, sample trigger pads, as well as advanced mixing tools. This app offers you much more opportunities for creating experimental sound. All your mixes can be directly imported to Soundcloud, which is pretty convenient.

4. ProChords. This app will be very useful for those who compose their songs using iPad or iPhone. As you input the first chord, the program suggests you the possible chords you can follow it. With the progress of the song, the chords vary and change, and they are also star-rated. For those who don’t have a proper music education, this will be a real time-saving tool.

5. SoundCloud. After finishing composing a new song it’s a great idea to publish it, isn’t it? SoundCloud lets you to do so. It’s a sound social network where you can post new music, share it, as well as repost and follow something you liked. There are some extra facilities and the paid options.

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