3 Best Free Spy Apps for Your Android Devices

We are often worried about our kids who may fall in a conspiracy while being online on their smartphone or can easily adapt to the wrong habits. Therefore, it is really important to track the activities of your kids and save their future from going in the dark. How to track the activities of kids on a smartphone? The spy apps for Android devices can help the parents monitor their kids and all their activities on their smartphone. Here are the 3 best free spy apps for Android.

Snapchat Spy App

The Snapchat Spy app is specifically designed for monitoring all the activities on the Snapchat app. This app records the voice messages, keystrokes, and captures the screenshots of the images and emojis that are sent or received on the Android devices invisibly. Not only this, the Snapchat spy also monitors the other mobile activities and informs you about every activity taking place on the phone in which you have installed this app.

snapchat spy app

You can easily track the GPS location, monitor activities in the Stealth mode, Snapchat passwords, website browsing history, social activities, text messages, call logs, and lot more stuff. All you have to do is install this app on your child’s mobile and start tracking all his/her activities. Be a concerned parent so that you can make the future of your child brighter.



It is one of the safest apps for Android devices providing a range of exclusive features. After installing this app son your kid’s smartphone, you can monitor the contact list, check call logs remotely, keep an eye on the text messages, and also track the images received or sent. Another great feature of this app is that it lets you track the feature of current location of the target device through GPS technology. It even provides you the remote control of the target device.

Not only this, the emails, bookmarks, and the web history can also be tracked if you are using XNSPY app. It also allows you to set alerts for the usage of certain words. Whenever those words are used on the target phone, it will send you the alerts. Though all the features are not available for free, a few of them are enough to track what your child is doing on the smartphone.

Auto Forward

auto forward spy app

The Auto Forward is an extractor that works like a spy app. It easily retrieves all the information from the target phone and lets you access that information without much hassle. You get the access to the messages on WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, WeChat, and few other apps. You can even check the call logs, location history, contacts, and voice mails.

Not only this, it even records the calls and also tracks the GPS location of the android device on which it has been installed by the parents. You can also gain the access to the photos and videos stored in the phone bypassing any PIN restrictions.

The Last Words

These were some of the best spy apps for Android devices. You can install these apps on your kid’s smartphone and track al their activities to safeguard them against cyber crime and lead them to a better future.

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